POLARIS RZR 570 — $10,299


When shopping for a UTV you’ll likely check out a Polaris RZR as a machine to consider. You know they’re suppose to be in the high-performance category which is appealing, but you’re not sure if you really need that, considering the cost. A RZR 900 starts around $13,000 and goes to $14,700. A RZR 1000 starts at $18,000 and goes up to the top Turbo model in the $26,000 price range. What you may be wishing is to get into the RZR league for closer to $10,000.

Well, you can. The Polaris RZR 570 costs $10,299. How does it differ from the other RZRs? First of all, the engine is a single cylinder design with 570cc. The others have bigger twin cylinder engines. The other significant difference is the width. The 570 is only 50 inches wide. There is one RZR 900 model that’s also 50 inches, but all the rest are 60″, 64″ or even 72″.

A narrow 50″ UTV can be a little tippy in turns taken at speed. That’s the negative, but the positive is they can fit on tight narrow trails that wider UTVs can’t. For many people, especially those living in the east, much of the areas they ride are in deep woods and the trails are constantly winding back and forth between trees. It’s the kind of place where you have to be on a quad to get through the difficult sections. The exception to that rule is a UTV around the same width as a quad. In other words, if you have a RZR 570 you can go on riding trips with your ATV buddies.

You might be concerned about the lower power of the 570’s smaller engine. Yes, it’s rated at 45 horsepower which is considerably less than the 75 to 168 horsepower of the bigger twins. On open dirt roads that much power feels great, but when the terrain switches to trails those drivers are rarely at full throttle. They make much less horsepower at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. A good 570 driver may be able to stay with them if he keeps the throttle nailed in sections with one turn followed by another.

Because of it’s lower price, the RZR 570’s suspension is not quite as plush as the bigger RZRs. Its wheels have 9 inches of travel compared to 12 inches to 25 inches on the others. It does help that the 570 weighs just under 1000 pounds versus 1,400 pounds for the XP 1000.

There are two versions of the RZR 570. The base model at $10.299 which doesn’t have electric power steering. The other version does, along with aluminum wheels and a few other things. It sells for $12,299 and come in dark blue. The current base model is offered in white with blue stripes. The main color for previous year models was red. If you shop for a nice deal on a used 570 it will mostly likely be red which looks pretty good to most people.

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