Polaris RZR Pro R
Polaris RZR Pro R

There’s been a mystery floating around the Polaris RZR line up for a couple years now. It is the lack of a long travel RZR Pro XP and now more recently, the absence of RZR XP Turbo S in the 2022 line up. It turns out the new Polaris RZR Pro R was hiding out in Long Beach California. The crew over at Hoonigan Garage, RJ Anderson and stunt coordinator Eliza Coleman who is a rally car racer herself are setting off a prolonged introduction of the latest in the Polaris RZR line up with a cool video. While the exact details of the new Polaris RZR Pro R won’t drop until November 9th, the video will tide you over until then.

   Like you, while watching the video we dissected every part of the new RZR to see exactly what its all about. Unfortunately most of the nitty gritty details we uncovered at the shoot about the car are still under embargo until the official launch. What we can talk about is the incredible stunts RJ performed in the new RZR platform. Basically this Polaris RZR Pro R is hitting wide, Blake Wilkey built, freestyle MX ramps launching the car 20, 30 and 40 feet into the air landing nearly flat in some occasions. In one scene RJ slams into a set of stairs rising upwards, try doing that in the competition’s UTV. The new RZR front suspension design, with the shocks mounted to the lower A-arms certainly adds strength and wheel travel to the new platform. However, this is not a first, as Arctic Cat has had this concept on all of their 1000cc UTV’s for years. On the Polaris RZR Pro R, you may notice that rear trailing arm has a factory mud flap as well.

Polaris RZR Pro R
Polaris RZR Pro R slides out of the Hoonigan Garage.

  As you may know Hoonigan videos are known for lots of doughnuts and slides on city streets. Of course this was a closed, completely blocked off film set and nobody involved with the shoot condones this activity on pavement in public, however, get out in the dirt in any UTV and you can have at it. As RJ does, wear your helmet and harnesses. 

   Back to the doughnuts, the cutting brake in the on screen Polaris RZR Pro R was added on and may or may not be stock equipment. You better bet a host of aftermarket companies will be marketing this item if it’s not stock. More equipment that won’t make it on the stock RZR are the Walker Evans Wheels or BFG tires. You may notice, the wheels have five lugs instead of four. If this is the same wheel hub as the defense M-RZR machine, the bolt pattern will be 5/115, the same as many Chevy wheels. And speaking of Chevy’s, does the scene with RJ parked on the sidewalk near all the lowriders with hydraulics hint to some sort of never before seen hydraulic suspension system on the new RZR? Our gag order gets removed November 9th, then we will discuss even more than Polaris will tell you. 

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