Did you know the first RZR 800 was actually called the Polaris Ranger RZR? That machine was anything but a boxy Ranger utility machine and it quickly dropped that portion of the name to build the RZR-sharp brand that has exploded over the years.

The original RZR had 25-inch tall tires and no doors. Companies like Pro Armor and HCR Racing made millions from selling aftermarket components for this machine.

  We wanted to take a quick look at how much the RZR has changed over the years with a spec comparison of the 2008 Polaris Ranger RZR800 and the 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R.

The latest RZR is twice heavy and four times as powerful but less than 50-perfect larger in length and width. The price has tripled but so has the amount of options you can get on a new RZR. Furthermore, on the good side, you can still get a 50”inch wide, 900cc model for only $2000 more than this original 800.

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The Polaris RZR grew from a 50″wide machine built for ATV trails into a massive hi-horsepower, 74″ car that needs wide open spaces to stretch it legs. However, Polaris has done an excellent job making sure the machine will work equally as well at slower speeds.

2008 Polaris RZR800…2022 Polaris RZR ProR 

Engine: 2 cylinder,OHV 2-valve, 4-stroke… 4 cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke

Displacement: 760cc…1997cc

Horsepower: 52…225

Alternator: 500 Watts… 1700W

Suspension/ Travel

Front:Dual A-arms w/9” …Dual A-arms w/22.25”

Rear: Dual A-arms w/9.5”…Trailing arm w/24.5”


Front: 25X8-12, 4 lug…32X10-15, 5 lug

Rear: 25X10-12, 4 lug….32X10-15, 5 lug

Length: 102”…136.5”

Width: 50”…74”

Height: 69”…72.8”

Wheelbase: 77”…104.5”

Ground clearance:10.6”…16”

Dry Weight: 945 lb…2085 lb

Fuel Capacity: 7.3 gal…12 gal


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