Dear Sarge,

I have a 2017 Polaris RZR XP Turbo EPS with about 2700 miles on it. It is not babied; it is ridden hard. Lately I have felt a low frequency rumble in the driveline. Initially I thought it was a “U” or “CV” joint, but everything seems tight. What else should I be looking at as a source of these Polaris RZR vibrations? My Dealer isn’t sure at this point so I thought I would ask you.

Paul Martinez

South Fork, Colorado

Private Martini, Anything that rotates could be at fault. Wheel bearings, knuckles, bent driveshaft, etc. My guess is a carrier bearing. The rubber has aged and loosened. You have two choices, replace the carrier bearing with another OEM carrier bearing or upgrade to a superior aftermarket unit. There is some valuable carrier bearing info at Americanoffroads.com, here: https://www.americanoffroads.com/lets-talk-about-vibration-or-how-important-your-carrier-bearings-are/. Since you obviously like speed with that Turbo Boot, you need to practice some M4 Speed Reloads. You WILL practice until you can reload in under 2.5 seconds Boot! Dismissed!

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