System 3 SS360

We relate it the balloon tires that were first used on ATC’s back in the 1970 and early 80’s. Not only were those tires fun to slide around the sand, they had to be comfortable because tires were the only suspension those early machines had. Both Maxxis and Kenda have similar tires marketed for snow use, but they are only available in smaller ATV sizing.

Just by looking at the new “Sand Smart” SS360 from System 3 we can tell that same good time as well as comfort can be had in your UTV. The tire is built with a flexible 2-ply carcass and a mild 5/8”-tall sort of criss cross web, rib pattern that will no doubt float and slide better than anything out there. For comparison, a typical paddle rib is 1-2” tall.

Sure if you are looking to win drag races, System 3’s Dune Sport 340 tire is a better choice. What the Sand Smart 360 will do is allow you to float across the sand, not dig in and not get stuck all while using less throttle input. It’s a tire is for the 90 percent of us that just want to explore and enjoy the dunes with nothing to prove except having a good time. Not only will you enjoy the dunes more on a tire like this, your drivetrain will be happier too. In most cases, you won’t need any clutching changes to use the 360 verses any stock tire since you won’t be increasing the load on the engine or belt.

Just in time for dune season all Tucker dealers will be offering the System 3 SS 360 tire in 30X10-14; $174, 30X12-14; $211, 32X10-15; $202 and 32X12-15; $217 sizing.  Weights for the respective sizes are 23, 26, 25.6 and 28.4lbs. 

To see the complete line of System 3 tires for all conditions visit www.system3offroad.com and for dealer locations www.tucker.com or call (800) 347-1010. 

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