Dear Sarge,

Myself and several of my riding buddies have the same problem, plugged radiators. We ride Hatfield McCoy extensively with our Polaris RZR’s. This past summer was so wet, it seemed like within 2 hours we started noticing overheating. Everybody, except the leader showed a partially plugged radiator. Do you have any suggestions for preventing plugged radiators (besides moving to Arizona)? 

Don Ja’manes

Matewan, West Virginia

Private Jammin, my suggestion is to stay indoors and play video games! Laugh Boot! Seriously, I would recommend using Outerwears Radiator Screens, here: They will keep just about all the mud out of the radiator’s fins. When the screen gets covered in mud, the instructions state to remove the screen and wash it off in water, then re-install. My advice though is to leave it in place and wash it off with a Kwik Tek, “AQUA ZOOKA” water Bazooka available at This would be used as a field expedient pressure washer. Laugh and you will be doing pushups until your palms are Hamburg! Dismissed!


If regular radiator cleaning becomes intolerable, you could relocate the radiator to the rear of your RZR as many racers do. See UTV Action’s report on such a machine here: DUNCAN RACING BAJA RZR – UTV Action Magazine

You could also switch to a machine with a rear mounted radiator, like the YXZ1000R or the RZR RS1.

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