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March 8, 2017
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    For awhile now there has been talk and speculation on a new sport UTV from Honda with more performance than their current Pioneer models. That is more likely to become reality, based on Honda registering a trademark on the “Talon” name in the UTV category. That doesn’t seem like a word you’d put on a garden vehicle. Talon is associated with high-performance birds of prey, so it makes sense that Honda’s new UTV might be of that variety as well.

    So, what exactly will the new Honda Talon be? Well, there are several possibilities. One logical assumption is that it’d be something to compete with Yamaha’s YXZ1000R and the Polaris RZR. Honda hasn’t been too quick to move in that direction and perhaps they were waiting to make sure a lawsuit craze didn’t develop, as has occurred before in the ATV industry. With a cautious approach Honda may feel that a sportier Pioneer would be accepted now along with the performance UTVs from other brands.

     It’s also possible that the Honda Talon could introduce a new category. Or, bring back a category from years past that Honda invented. Yes, we’re talking about the Honda Pilot 400 that gradually evolved from the original Honda Odyssey 250. These machines were like little dune buggies with drive going to only the rear wheels. It wouldn’t be a total surprise for Honda to bring back a revised version of those fun machines with a four-stroke engine instead of the original two-strokes. The Pilot name is now being used in Honda’s automotive division, so it would now have to be called something different, such as Talon. The fact that Polaris introduced the single-seater Ace may have motivated Honda to go there too. The question is if they’ll go with a 4×4 system or stick with a simpler, lighter, and lower-priced two-wheel drive vehicle like the 1990 Pilot in the photo we have here.

    While trying to visualize the possible look of a new Honda Talon, we came across this photo of a Renli RL 1100. Might it have a similar appearance to it, or be completely different? The UTV Action magazine crew will keep investigating and probing for further information on the Honda Talon. Maybe we’ll actually obtain a spy photo of the secret machine, so keep checking back with us on that.

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