Dear Sarge,

I have a 2020 RZR Pro XP and, as delivered, I really loved it, even with the occasional belt slippage. Polaris had me bring it back in, and they installed a stiffer secondary spring to combat the belt-slip issue. The dealer claimed all the later 2020s were to be equipped with it this Pro XP clutch fix. After the “upgrade,” I find the upshifting to be slow, and I don’t feel like it is quite as fast as it once was. Sarge, am I imagining this or is it real?

Terry Durocher

Apple Valley, California

Private Roach, the Pro XP clutch fix your dealer installed was a Band-Aid fix for the belt slippage produced by the Pro Zooter’s motor! It certainly cured the slippage, but it destroyed the clutch sensitivity in my opinion. You can reinstall the old spring and overheat the belt from slippage or install a clutch kit that fixes this problem. There are several fixes out there. One of the most complete is from Aftermarket Assassins here: Fifty sit-ups, Boot, for this valuable information! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

On our farm we are Gravely. If they make it, we own it! As my father ages, however, he has expressed an interest in power steering for our 2017 996200 model. Our dealer didn’t think there was a kit available for the 2017s and tried to up-sell us to the new JSV 3000 2020 model, which comes standard with power steering. Sarge, is there some kind of retrofit kit available? Since they use the Polaris engines, I would think that a Polaris power-steering kit could be made to fit.

Jason Collins

Lenox, Idaho

Private Colon, the 2017 Zooters had the option of adding a power-steering kit. Apparently, your dealer is more interested in up-selling you than providing the correct information! The power-steering kit is P/N 796023 at a cost of about $1,500. Since the UTV aftermarket doesn’t list a power-steering kit for your Zooter and a Polaris kit will not fit (just because the powerplant is a Polaris doesn’t mean everything else is the same, Boot), I would suggest you look at for its 220W Universal Power Steering kit here: At $550, it is only 1/3 the cost, Boot, and it will do the same thing! I am sure you can install the kit and do the required welding. It should be simpler than repairing most any other piece of equipment on a modern farm! If this kit is truly for your father, I do not want to see a report that you are out enjoying it! Count off 25 and we are even, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

I have a 2020 Polaris XP 1000 Premium. I barely have 125 miles on it because it jumps ahead when in gear when slowing down to idle, and it simply refuses to shift unless the engine is turned off. It is a long haul back to the dealer, so I thought I would query you as to whether there was a simple fix for this so-called “Premium” XP 1000.

Tom Perry

Harvey, North Dakota

Private Ferry, if you had called your local motor pool, they most likely would have told you about Notice R020-01 from Polaris. This is a recall explaining that your poor shifting may be due to the ECU calibration preventing the throttle plates from returning to idle position. If the engine is above idle, Boot, the CVT is partially engaged, and it is always harder to shift when there is a load on the transmission. Contact your local motor pool immediately to schedule the recall service, and stop trying to force that transmission before you really do break something that is not under warranty or you will be painting rocks on the parade grounds for your entire rotation! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

Being vertically challenged all my life, I have had to adapt in many ways. Step stools are my friend. I purchase clothing in the kids’ sections of stores, and I have to have a booster seat and pedal extensions for my auto. What I really want to do is drive my own UTV when my husband goes out riding in the desert. If I drive my husband’s XP 900, I can’t reach the pedals and I can’t see well with the UTV inc. seat-lowering base that he installed for me. Is there a decent kid’s UTV that bridges the gap between a true child’s machine and something capable of trail use by someone my size.

Kerry Lane

Elco, Nevada

Actually, Private Lane Change, there is. I would look at the Hisun 250s, namely the Sector (Ranger Clone) and the Strike (RZR Clone). We reviewed it here: At 229cc, it is the largest engine for a child’s Zooter and will provide adequate trail power with its high/low transmission, whereas the standard child’s Zooter is mainly designed for around the yard or relatively flat riding areas. Also, being a bit larger than the standard children’s Zooter, it should fit you better. The list of standard equipment rivals a full-size UTV and far surpasses a child’s machine; however, there is another route—the single-seat Polaris Ace 150. But, it is only a 150cc engine with no headlights like the Hisuns have (if you ride at night). Let me know what you chose and why. Dismissed! ο

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