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Most of the people we go camping and UTVing with also own dirt bikes and street bikes. We have found that motorcycle touring boots also make good all-around trail riding boots. All manufacturers, especially Yamaha and Kawasaki, require that we wear over-the-ankle boots when using their products, along with long pants, jerseys, gloves, helmets and goggles. Alpinestars makes several lines of touring and road racing boots that also make great UTV footwear. The new Roam 2 is one example of a multipurpose boot that is relatively inexpensive and waterproof. Roam 2 waterproof boots come in sizes 3.5 to 14 U.S. (36–50 Euro).

The two coolest features of the Roam 2 WP are the waterproof membrane (top) and the six zones of raised mini spikes for traction on your UTV’s pedals. Walking traction is great, too.


Originally designed for motorcycle touring, the Roam 2 is durable and comfortable with a new ergonomic foot shape for more feel and control. A waterproof membrane guarantees weatherproofing and breathability. The Roam 2 incorporates protective features, such as ankle padding envelopes and EVA foam footbeds, plus three adjustable straps per boot with hook-and-loop closures. 


Roam 2s have technical synthetic main uppers incorporating a durable, microfiber, accordion flex zone and Alpinestars’ exclusive vulcanized compound sole with side-wrap design. A 100-percent waterproof membrane is layered into the upper and lining for proven performance. An internal heel counter and toe box provide enhanced structural integrity. There is also structured shank reinforcement and a very comfortable and durable technical textile collar lining.


UTV tourers who want good feel at the controls but also waterproofing for wet and muddy conditions.


While the space-age rubber sole is on the hard side for durability and the tread is fairly smooth on the bottom, the Roam 2 has great traction on the pedals and ground. The boots are very comfortable for driving and walking, and the waterproof membrane does its job well. When crossing streams, if water comes through the floorboard, your feet will stay dry, as long as the level doesn’t reach the top of these shin-high boots. Getting in and out of the Roam 2 boots is easy, too.


Although the Roam 2 has great grip on UTV pedals and for walking, it’s not as pliable as the bona fide racing shoes worn by professionals. Roam 2 boots sport six zones of raised dimples on the front of the sole that give great traction on pedals, and they have extra protection for those of us who have broken ankles in the past. They’re super comfortable for driving and walking, and they’re very waterproof.

CONTACT:, (800) 409-0903

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $179.95

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