AMS’ new M1 Evil is an all-terrain radial tire that is available with a six-ply rating in 26-inch sizes for 12- and 14-inch wheels, or as an eight-ply in 27-, 28-, 30- and 32-inch sizes for 14-inch wheels. These tires are DOT rated, which means they are legal for road use. The tires are $189 each in the 30×10-14 size. Many eight-ply tires in this size are over $200 apiece.

AMS’ Roll’n one-piece cast-aluminum wheels are available in matte black or machined gloss black. Twelve-inch sizes are $73 each and 14s are $98 each, which makes them some of the lowest-priced custom wheels we’ve tested. One-piece cast-aluminum wheels are typically $110 each or more.

The M1 Evil’s closely grouped tread is smooth, quiet and grippy on hard surfaces, and it also works well on mixed terrain because the tread is so deep.


We chose the M1 Evil in 30×10-14 to get a bit more ground clearance than the stock 29s on our RZR XP 1000. While mounting the set, we found that the lug-nut recesses in the AMS wheels are large enough to accept the stock Polaris lug nuts, which saves the cost of buying custom hardware. Many aftermarket wheels require custom hardware, which can cost anywhere between $25 to $99, depending on how stylish you want to be.

Our test location has an abundance of hard terrain, as well as loose soil and sand, to test the tire’s versatility. There are also rocky sections that challenge a tire’s durability and puncture resistance. Our test began on hardpacked trails and dirt roads, and the M1 Evil was clearly in its element. Acceleration, braking and cornering were clearly better than typical all-terrain tires on hard surfaces. The tires were also quieter and smoother than meats with more open-tread designs. Thanks to their 1-inch-deep tread, the AMS tires also provide strong acceleration and sure braking in soft soil and sand. Cornering grip was not quite as good as all-terrain tires like the RZR’s stock Maxxis Bighorns in soft conditions, but the gains on hard terrain were greater than the losses on softer surfaces. The M1 Evils had no problems with flats or tread damage in rocks—impressive, since the fast, powerful RZR can be hard on tires in rugged terrain.   


AMS’ M1 Evil works well in hard and mixed terrain, and it’s street-legal. AMS’ Roll’n 104 wheels give machines a tough, custom look, and they’re some of the lowest-priced custom wheels we’ve tested. They save extra money by accepting the stock Polaris lug nuts.

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RATING: AMS M1 Evil tires: ★★★★★. AMS Roll’n 104 wheels: ★★★★★.

PRICE: AMS M1 Evil tires: $150–$198 each. AMS Roll’n 104 wheels: $73–$98.