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The Maxxis Big Horns that come stock on most machines are great general-use tires that are very comfortable. They get decent traction in all terrain and provide a very comfortable initial ride quality. However, after your first few rides or first couple punctures, you will most likely be looking for something a little more durable and terrain-specific. If durability is what you are after, but you still want a new tire to work in all situations, zero in on at least an eight-ply tire with a rounded profile and knobs that don’t seem overly aggressive, and you will be headed in the right direction. The AMS M4 Evil is one such tire.

At 12 psi, we were able to get the M4s to crawl up and over slick rock, as well as anything. At 18 psi, they rolled smoothly, worked perfectly in all other conditions and wore very slowly. The tires retail for $209 each, and the wheels are $117.


It is an eight-ply all-terrain tire mounted on an eight-spoke non-beadlock aluminum wheel called Roll N 105.

This tire has a 3/4-inch-tall knobby that is non-directional sitting on a rounded carcass. There is a deep rim guard to protect the finish of your wheel when scraping through the elements. The tire is DOT rated and comes in sizes 30×10-14 and -15, 28×10-14 and 32×10-15. The Roll N 105 wheels have a Satin Black finish with a 5+2 offset and come with a center cap and valve stem already installed.


The wheel is only slightly wider than stock, so it won’t adversely affect turning. The tire is super predictable in soft dirt or hardpack. It hooks up super well in wet dirt, and clean out was quick in the mud. For slow speeds in the rocks, we had to air down to 12 pounds from 18 to get the traction we wanted. The tires didn’t glue themselves to the rocks, but they did provide the traction we expected. The harder compound has been wearing super slowly. We could hardly see any deterioration after our first 100-mile test.


Whether you are replacing a worn-out set of Maxxis Big Horns or any other tire, you will love the predictable handling of this setup. We have tested a lot of tires on RZR 1000s, and these seem to roll the lightest and give hardly any feedback through the steering wheel. A smooth-rolling tire like this puts less wear and tear on parts such as ball joints and bushings, and when driving a new or old UTV, that’s always a positive.

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RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $209.95, tire; $117, wheel



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