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PRODUCT: AMS Radial Pro Tire & Vision 550 Wheels

June 30, 2017
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AMS’ 30-inch Radial Pro tire is a heavy-duty, off-road-ready tire at a very reasonable price. Vision 550 wheels are a high-quality aluminum ATV and UTV wheel built to handle the loads of larger ATVs and UTVs.

As the name states, the Radial Pro is built with radial construction for the smoothest possible ride characteristics, handling and downright durability. The Radial Pro is eight-ply rated for the puncture resistance you need in a heavy, high-performance vehicle like a 1000cc UTV. The Radial Pro features a built-in rim guard to keep those wheels looking fresh. The Radial Pro is also DOT rated for those states where you can ride UTVs and ATVs on the road. The Vision 550 is a great-looking, “beadlock-look” wheel that is lightweight yet carries load ratings for the heaviest of today’s big-bore UTVs.


The Radial Pro tire is made with a long-lasting rubber compound that provides great grip in the rocks yet wears slowly in the slip face and even on asphalt. The Vision 550 wheel is comprised of high-strength aluminum and then powdercoated to a stylish matte-black finish. They also get a cleanlooking, black-plastic center cap.

Mounting a tire onto a conventional wheel versus a beadlock is a breeze, especially since ours came already mounted and ready to ride. Seriously, all kidding aside, mounting a tire on a conventional wheel is super simple and quick. As for mounting the assembled tire/wheel onto your UTV, that is simple as well, but you are going to need special lug nuts. The Vision wheel doesn’t leave room for your 19mm-head stock lug nuts on the Polaris RZR. The Vision lug nuts feature a 17mm head, and you will still need to use caution starting them a few threads by hand as it is still a tight fit. Once you have them started, a thin wall socket is best, but a standard one will still work in a pinch.

The Radial Pro tire is available all the way from a little 23x10R14 to the big-boy 30x10R14. This range will fit anything from the smallest utility ATV to the largest side-by-side. The 30x10R14 that we tested is the perfect size for a Polaris RZR XP 1000, Can-Am Maverick or even an Arctic Cat Wildcat. Five-Fifty wheels are available in 12-, 14- and 15-inch sizes and will fit just about any IRS 4×4 ATV or UTV.

As tested, this tire/wheel combo will make a great all-around tire for anyone with a RZR, Maverick or Wildcat. They will excel in the desert-type terrain or hardpack, but work just about anywhere. They are also a great choice for anyone needing a DOT tire for street use, should their state or riding area allow it.

This combination of tire and wheel is incredibly light, especially for an aggressive off-road terrain tire in a 30-inch size. Our 30x10R14 tire mounted on a 14×7 wheel weighed in at just under 49 pounds, which is what some of the heavier tires weigh by themselves. You can literally feel how light they are when driving, and the overall handling is predictable and precise. We weren’t able to puncture one during testing, which is pretty impressive with how lightweight they were. High-speed stability is above average; they don’t track funny or float, and braking is precise and predictable.

The combo is priced for even the most budget-conscious, but handled the desert terrain as well as many of the higher-end tire and wheel combinations we’ve tried. With significant mileage, they still seem to be holding up well, but one thing worth mentioning is that the directional tire won’t be able to be flipped around for any extra effective edge as the tire wears down. All in all, this is a great tire; we’re very impressed and wouldn’t be at all surprised if we give these a shot in a desert or WORCS race in the near future.

CONTACT: www.amstires.com & www.visionwheel.com
RATING: ★★★★
PRICE: $169 each tire & $110 each wheel


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