— Antigravity offers a wide range of Micro-Start jump-starter/power supplies, from the $100 cellphone-size Sport to the new XP-10 Heavy Duty model. Like the standard XP-10,  the new XP-10 HD is able to jump-start UTVs, large car and truck gas engines, and diesels up to 7.3 liters. The XP-10 HD has even more power than the standard XP-10, 650 peak amps compared to 600, and it features larger, stronger clamps. It’s $220 versus $200 for the original XP-10.

The XP-10 HD also recharges phones, laptops and other devices. The kit includes jumper cables, a case, home and car chargers, and a USB cable with tips for several common personal electronic devices, including phones and 19-volt computers. There is no port for 16-volt Apple laptops.

The new, more powerful XP-10 HD comes with a case, car and wall chargers for the device, jumper cables and charging plugs for a variety of electronics.


The XP-10 HD easily jump-started a diesel pickup, and it has no trouble starting gas-engine cars. The XP-10 HD’s bigger, stronger clamps work well on the large terminals on the car-type batteries used on many UTVs too. The larger clamps won’t work as well on machines with smaller, motorcycle-sized batteries because the terminals are smaller and the battery holders are usually more confined.  The XP-10 HD’s case measures 9 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches, so it’s far more compact than conventional booster boxes but larger than the other Micro-Starts. If you need the extra power, the extra bulk is well worth it.

As a charging device, the XP-10 HD is a strong performer. It has plenty of capacity to charge laptops or keep them running.


Antigravity Batteries’ new Micro-Start XP-10 HD can jump-start anything in most UTVers’ camps, and it’s a great power source for nearly all personal electronics.

CONTACT: Antigravity Batteries; (310) 527-2330 or

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $220

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