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The Arisun Gear Buster tire is an all-terrain, UTV-specific tire that is built to perform as well in the toughest terrain as it does on hardpack or even a fast fire road. Since Arisun is a partner with Raceline wheels, we chose to wrap them around a set of their newest 14×7-inch A71 Mamba beadlock wheels.


This durable eight-ply radial tire features a cross-tread designed to handle the most extreme abuse and terrain you can put your UTV through. The Gear Buster tread features large pockets and is siped for improved rock-crawling traction. The Mamba Beadlock features a strengthened inner lip and a forged billet-aluminum outer ring. Raceline uses twenty 8mm shank bolts on the 14-inch and 15-inch beadlock and 16 on the 12-inch. The wheel features additional threaded holes so that you can rotate the ring and pick up a different set if you strip one out. Raceline UTV wheels come with their own custom lug nuts and complete with pre-installed rubber valve stems.


The Gear Buster tire is comprised of an ultra-tacky rubber compound on the tread for traction over boulders or rock climbs. The carcass and sidewall are made with an Aramid-reinforced composite material, sandwiched between two layers of nylon for maximum puncture and cut and abrasion resistance. Raceline’s Mamba beadlock is made from cast aluminum with a forged billet-aluminum outer ring for superior strength. The set we chose is powdercoated black with a machined front face and high-polished ring.


Mounting the Gear Buster tire on the Mamba is pretty straightforward, but you do need to evenly compress the ring while starting all the bolts by hand. We found it best to bounce around at 12, 6, 9, 3 and so on to keep the ring centered in the tire. The bolts seemed a little on the short side, and it took a little extra force to compress the ring enough to start them all. Torque the beadlock bolts to 14 to 16 foot-pounds and they are ready for air.


The Gear Buster tire comes in sizes 26×10-12, 26×10-14, 28×10-14, 30×10-14 and 30×10-15. With these sizes, they will fit just about any size UTV in existence. The 26-inch model is available for both 12-inch and 14-inch inch wheel sizes, and we opted for the 14-inch. The 26-inch tire is the perfect size for anything from a Rhino to an XP 900. We ran ours on our loaner RZR S 900 and will be running them on an older RZR XP 900 as well. The 28- and 30-inch tire sizes are great for the larger-bore utility-type machines, as well as the bigger performance models like the XP 1000, Wildcat, Can-Am Maverick and X3, etc.

The Raceline Mamba beadlocks are available in 12×7, 14×7, 14×8, 14×10 and 15×7-inch sizes, with bolt patterns to fit just about any current UTV on the market. We opted for a 14×7 to keep it as narrow as possible, and it looks as good as it handles.


The Arisun Gear Buster handles a lot like the ITP Baja Cross or Maxxis Coronado. A smooth, predictable ride comes from its radial construction, and it grips hardpack and rocks like it’s got a purpose in life. High-speed stability is middle of the road, favoring on good with hardpack and a little to the skatey side in sandy terrain. They work really well on loose terrain that is covering some harder-packed dirt. If anything, you might feel it wander a little bit in the river bed or dunes. Ride comfort is on par or better than most its competition, and you would be hard pressed to really find a negative-handling trait worth mentioning


The Gear Buster is really designed for the all-around guy who wants a true all-terrain tire with a price point that won’t break the bank. They will be good for just about any of the sport UTVs, as well as the sport utility crowd, like the Defender, General, Teryx, etc. The one thing to remember is they only come in a 10-inch-wide size, so you will be forced to buy wheels on many applications and might lose a little bit of your payload or towing capacity on a full-on work machine.

The Mamba beadlock is a great wheel for anyone who needs the durability and security of a beadlock without spending an absolute fortune. A beadlock like the A71 Mamba will also make just about any UTV look a whole lot cooler, regardless of whether you need it or not.


The Gear Buster is another great tire from Arisun. The popular Aftershock XD is doing really well, but it’s more of a desert-terrain-specific tire. If you’re looking for a great all-around tire that is reasonably lightweight, durable and ready to perform in all terrains, then look no further. 

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RATING: Arisun Gear Buster Tires: ★★★★★

Raceline A71 Mamba Wheels:★★★★

PRICE: Arisun Gear Buster Tires: $180–$215

Raceline A71 Mamba Wheels: $180

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