Assault Industries’ helmet/comm lock is a solid-aluminum lock housing that clamps to your UTV’s cage and provides a secure, convenient place to lock or hang your helmet, communications equipment or other small items. It fits 1.75-inch tube diameters and Can-Am Maverick X3’s 1.875-inch cage tube. It’s $69.99. The tubular lock uses a cylindrical key.


Because the lock housing uses a one-piece clamp, you have to force the lock housing over the cage tube to install it. It goes on pretty easily, then two Allen-head screws tighten the clamp. A trim piece covers the screw shanks to provide a finished look.

Assault’s helmet lock has a clean design, and it’s made of durable, anodized aluminum.



Getting the helmet D-rings into the lock takes a little work, because the helmet straps with the rings are fairly short, but not due to a problem with the lock design. Once the helmet’s D-rings are in position, the push-button-style lock is easy to click closed; there’s no fumbling with keys to lock it. With a little effort, two helmets can be locked at once. It unlocks easily, too, with a turn of the key in either direction, and the cylindrical key is easy to find among common flat keys. Depending on where you drive, being able to walk away from your machine with your helmet locked can add a lot of convenience and peace of mind when you stop for a break. Since the lock clamps with screws, a determined thief could remove it if they had the tools and the time, but thieves generally go for easier targets like unlocked helmets, so the Assault lock is an effective deterrent for theft.


Assault’s helmet lock is simple to install, easy to use, and, at $70, its far less expensive than replacing one or two helmets.


Assault Industries;

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $69.95

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