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Stock replacement radius rods for the Can-Am X3. The double shear brackets go at the end of the middle radius rod on the hub side, providing a double shear mounting point that works with stock or aftermarket radius rods.


Radius rods are made from billet aluminum and come in a barrel or turret style. The shear brackets are powdercoated steel and come with a new bolt and nylon locking nut.

The double shear bracket kit eliminates the center hub bolt from coming loose, which has been the case in our testing. If you don’t know this is an issue, you better check yours. Buy them at


Any X3 owner who wants to replace his radius rods because of a failure, or anyone who wants to prevent a failure. Radius rods are the weak link in a suspension system like this. Heavy side-loading of the rear end will bend them on any brand machine.


We installed the rods and double shear brackets on an otherwise bone-stock Can-Am X3 and ran the complete Baja 500-mile race course without failure. The double shear brackets stayed tight and prevented that middle rod from coming loose, which is what normally happens.


If you drive harder than grandma going to bingo, replacing the stock radius rods is a must on any Can-Am X3. Even if you don’t, the Assault double shear brackets are still necessary. Both products held tight and have not bent for 500 miles. They made our X3 stronger and better than before.

CONTACT:, (714) 799-6711

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $99 (brackets), $559 (radius rods)

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