— Assault Industries arms our UTVs with all sorts of high-quality hard parts, but Assault has a soft side as well. Assault’s Rugged off-road cooler bag is an inexpensive soft bag that takes a ton of abuse while keeping our drinks and trail snacks cold. We’re talking years of abuse without leaking or fading of the Assault Industries logo or vinyl shell.


The Rugged off-road cooler bag measures 17x10x12 inches (length x width x height) and can hold up to 24 drinks and ice. It has a rugged top zipper with two plastic quick-detach buckles and a zippered side compartment. Undo the buckles to fill with drinks, snacks and ice, then zip up and reconnect the buckles. Use the two-sided “loops” to secure in the bed, or use the four plastic eyelets at the bases of the two handles to secure. There is also a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that stows in the side compartment.

We also have the black cooler bag, and it has been stuffed into every situation imaginable without a leak or tear in the coated, fiber-weave vinyl shell. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry too.


The Rugged off-road soft cooler bag is made of tough, 1000-denier vinyl with a UV-protective, anti-fade, white or black outer and silver inner layer. Nylon carry straps have a hook-and-loop closure system, and they extend around the bottom of the bag for added strength. Soft construction lets the bag be folded flat and stowed behind a seat when not in use or tucked between the bed side and a Polaris or Can-Am cargo box.


Anyone with limited space for a cooler or who wants a tough, inexpensive cooler for UTV adventures, camping, fishing, hunting or any other off-road activity.


We’ve been using our black Rugged off-road cooler bag for a couple of years and usually wedge it between the RZR XP tailgate and the Lock & Ride RZR cargo box. The outer layer has yet to fade or rip, and Assault claims it is tear-resistant to 375 pounds of force. The outer fabric wipes clean easily, and the four eyelets are great for strapping it into a UTV bed or onto Lumpy’s Harleys. We also tie it down with the side loops formed by the long top zipper and buckles. Being soft, it works well under a spare-tire mount and/or beside other cargo. A bag of ice usually lasts at least two days.


We also have a white Rugged off-road cooler bag, and mud splatters wipe away with one swipe. We’re impressed with the bag’s rugged construction and versatility as well as its good looks. Better yet, the cooler bag retails for $59.99, which is $290 less than the Yeti Hopper 30 soft cooler, and it’s much lighter to carry. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sells it for $44.95. After use, we open the top zippers fully and simply air it out.

CONTACT: or call (714) 799-6711

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $59.99

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