— Assault Industries has been producing high-quality products for the military, aerospace, medical, automotive and off-road industries for 30 years. Assault introduces it new door-mounted UTV hydration packs, and we got a set for our Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix Edition.


Hydration door bags are designed to fit left and right Polaris RZR quarter doors and also the Yamaha YXZ1000R. Each features two zippered bags, with the square rear bags housing a 1-liter, anti-microbial water bladder with a large filler, long hose and covered bite-valve mouthpiece. There is also a drain hole. Longer front bags store a hoodie and/or other personal items.

Assault’s door bags carry more stuff than other door-mounted bags, and they work well without the hydration bladders. Here they are with the hose stowed inside.


Heavy-duty nylon zippers withstand outdoor elements, and mounting holes have grommets for durability. Hydration packs are rubberized clear bladders with a flexible plastic hose and large filler port with plastic caps. A rubberized bite-valve cover protects the mouthpiece from grime and dust.


Anyone who wants extra door storage and a cool drink on rides. Although these Hydration door bags are designed for RZR quarter doors, they’ll fit the Yamaha YXZ1000R and can be modified for most any UTV with doors.


Assault’s door bags have mounting holes inside the bags and mount to the Polaris tubular quarter-door frames with the Torx screws that attach the door skins. We used the OEM Torx L-shaped wrench, but a short Torx bit and ratchet would speed it up. Yamahas use the door liners’ push-pin plastic rivets. PRP’s RZR door bags have mounts outside the pouches, but they’re easier to steal.


Bladders hold 1 liter, but the filler isn’t at the very top of the bladder, so it’s hard to get a liter in without spilling some. Each holds about 30 ounces, and the bite valve takes some time to get used to. Once we were acclimated, the hydration units work well. Rear pouches have a hook-and-loop closure on the face that secures the hose, so you can pull the hose up to drink and push it down and out of the way. We put a hoodie and cleaning towels in the front bags to provide cushioned comfort for our knees. The zippers work well, keep dust out and stay put too.


We’re impressed with the Assault Hydration door bags, and especially like that the water stays colder longer compared to putting our Arrowhead bottles in the RZR and YXZ drink holders on the console, which conduct engine-coolant heat to the water. They also hold more stuff than other door bags, and racers could quickly change out bladders during pit stops.

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RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $149.95 a pair