Assault Industries is sort of like the Textron of the OHV aftermarket. Not only has it been arming and upgrading off-road vehicles for more than 20 years, the fabricators have been supplying custom metal products to the aerospace, medical, military, automotive, motorcycling and bicycling industries from its metal works facility in Orange County, California. We tested Assault’s military-grade B2 Bomber mirrors a year ago, and the billet mirrors have survived a year of trashing unscathed. Assault introduces its Sidewinder convex mirrors with the same quality of craftsmanship and materials as the Bomber-series mirrors.


Large, circular, convex side mirrors offer a wider field of view, and Assault’s clamps provide a wide range of UTV compatibility. Completely rebuildable, Sidewinders have replaceable front and back bezels with seven color choices: raw, red, blue, orange, white, Lime Squeeze and Can-Am Red. They’re easily adjustable and have a folding breakaway design to prevent damage when smacking tree limbs—or worse.

Several color choices allow the owner to match mirror bezels to the machine, and Sidewinders fold out of harm’s way. A 5mm Allen bolt mounts the clamps (1.5, 1.75, 1.875 and 2.0 inches) and provides tension for the mirrors.


CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum is machined and anodized with a sleek, low-profile design for the Sidewinder convex side mirrors, and the clamps get the same high degree of craftsmanship and detail. Each kit includes two Sidewinder mirrors and two clamps, with choices of 1.5-, 1.75-, 1.875- (X3) or 2.0-inch-diameter clamps. A Polaris General clamp is also available, and the Sidewinders thread into the clamps with stainless steel anchor bolts with lock nuts. Even the box and protective foam packing are high quality.


Installing the Assault Sidewinder side mirrors takes only a few minutes with a 5mm Allen wrench and 17mm open-end wrench. Remove the two bolts from each clamp and spread the clamps to fit over the cage tubes. Squeeze the clamps to get one bolt started, then add the cool clamp-bolt cover with Assault logo as you thread in the second clamp bolt. Position and tighten each clamp. Thread each mirror onto its clamp, then position and lock. Two 5mm Allen bolts tighten the ball joint in each mirror; we folded each mirror to do this step.


The Sidewinder convex side mirrors do have a wider field of view, and the optics are as crisp as with the Bomber-series mirrors. Light construction keeps them in place on rough terrain, and a sleek front bezel doesn’t snag on brush. They look great on our RZR XP Turbo and keeps us out of trouble from behind. The Sidewinders fold back when hitting something solid, but they don’t fold forward, so be careful when in reverse.


We’re stoked with the Sidewinders on our Dynamix Edition RZR XP Turbo. They have great looks, top-shelf quality and an ultra-thin design when viewed from the side, but the best feature is the added field of view of the convex mirrors. If you do manage to break one, Sidewinders are backed by a limited lifetime guarantee, and they are completely rebuildable. Those with coolers and/or spare tires blocking a rear-view mirror should consider Sidewinders to protect their UTV investment—and look good doing it.

contact:, (714) 799-6711

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $299.99

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