— The new UTV tire designed in the spitting image of BFGoodrich’s KM3 off-road truck tire. —

BFG does not give this tire a DOT rating; however, it is a steel-belted radial and one of the smoother-riding tires we have ever tested.

The new Legend 2 beadlock is designed for larger tires with thicker beads. Along with the cool look, we like the narrow offset and the fact that you can use stock lug nuts.


These tires have radial construction with two-ply steel belts under the tread, along with two polyester and one nylon, plus the sidewalls are built with two nylon plies. For muddy sections of trail, BFG has included its Mud-Phobic bars on the tire’s shoulders, which are designed to release compacted mud as the tire rolls. The lugs are considerably closer together than on other BFG Mud-Terrain tires. The tire is closer in style to BFG’s All-Terrain tire.


Any UTV owner looking for the name recognition of a large automotive tire brand and those wanting a tough, smooth-rolling tire that works in all conditions.


The tire works great in all dry conditions, including sand and slippery, sand-covered hardpack. In the rocks, it grips well and flexes very little, even when running as low as 10–12 psi. Although the tire has a super-thick bead, it still has a decent-sized rim guard. The steel belts will make it a little harder to plug, but so far we haven’t had any leaks to test that claim.

We mounted the new meats on a set of equally exciting new Walker Evans Racing Legend 2 beadlock wheels. The15x6-inch wheels have 41mm offset, so they kept our RZR very close to the stock width. The wheels retail for $265 each.

The BFG tire ($271.95) and WRE wheel ($265) combo increases ground clearance, helps with bump absorption and improves handling.


We always test tires in our brutal desert environment starting at 18 psi. The KM3 has as much grip as anything. It steers great and doesn’t wander like the race tire does. Rock deflection is just as good as with the race tire and so is flat protection.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: 28X10.00R14, $244.95; 30X10.00R14, $264.95; 30X10.00R15,  $271.95; 32×10.00R14, $288.95; 32×10.00R15, $298.95

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