— UTV product evaluation —

Here is a 57-piece tool roll built specifically for the confines of any UTV. It comes pre-loaded with combo wrenches (8mm–19mm); a 13-piece, 12-point socket set (8mm–19mm) that includes 6-point spark plug sockets; a breaker bar; extensions; screw drivers; Allens; Torx bits (T10-T50); pliers; an adjustable wrench; a hammer; and locking and regular pliers. Rolled up, the kit is 18 inches long by 5 inches wide and weighs slightly over 14 pounds.

At $400, it is not cheap, but there are 25 tools that would be $4–$5 each, five that would be $7–$8 each, and five that would be close to $10 each if purchased on their own, so these tools would cost a total of $200 from a hardware or home improvement store and well over $500 from BOXO. Sure, you could go to Harbor Freight and spend even less, but BOXO’s tool quality is more on par with Matco or Blue Point than  Pittsburgh or Craftsman. All BOXO tools have a limited lifetime warranty.

Rolled up and loaded, the tool wrap weighs 14 pounds and can be stuffed in all variety of places. However, we wish the ends were totally enclosed to prevent tools from sliding or jiggling out.


The tool roll loaded is just barely too big to fit in a glove box, but we have found that it will fit behind or alongside some seats, can be strapped to the floor board or fit easily in the cargo area. The only tool we needed that the kit doesn’t have is a pair of snap-ring pliers. We had a snap ring come loose on a CVT clutch on a recent ride. Plus, most OEM ball joints have snap rings that hold them in place. What we really didn’t like is that the kit doesn’t roll up completely tight. The tools on the ends or in the corners can actually jiggle and slide out. So, if you aren’t putting the roll inside another container, it’s possible to lose an important piece of the kit. We also wish the supplied 17mm and 19mm sockets meant to remove lug nuts were 6-point instead of 12. A stronger 6-point socket is the correct tool for that job.


We carried the toolkit around on rides for about six months, putting it to use for whatever popped up. This was a true test to see if it held all the tools we actually needed on the trail. From the breaker bar and 19mm to change a flat tire (something no stock toolkit has) to the Torx bit set that many UTVs need, the kit is very useful and takes the guesswork out of building your own. Overall, the quality of tools warrants the price tag, but to keep us from just building our own kit, it needs a more secure package, those snap-ring pliers we mentioned and the proper sockets for changing a tire, which we added. If those changes were made, we would shell out the cash.



PRICE: $399



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