— Braven Off-Road is a new ATV/UTV tire and wheel brand, and the features of Braven’s Ironside eight-ply, DOT-approved, all-terrain radial tires and Ironside cast-aluminum wheels show the brand is serious about bringing a quality product to the market. Braven Ironside tires look aggressive, with a staggered, off-road truck-type tread and over-the-shoulder-style lugs for extra side grip and sidewall protection. Rim guards and the chip- and tear-resistant rubber compound guard the tire and wheels against damage, punctures and wear. The tires are available in 27- to 30-inch sizes for 14-inch wheels, as well as 30- and 32-inch sizes for 15-inch wheels. The 30x10R-14s we tested are $158 each. That’s great, since many eight-ply, DOT-approved radials are $175 to over $200 per tire in that size.

Braven Ironside wheels are one-piece cast aluminum, and they’re available in 14-inch sizes to fit most popular UTVs. At $109.09 each, they are priced like other one-piece aluminum wheels.

Tread lugs pour over the sides of Braven’s Ironside tire, adding side bite and strength. The Braven wheel is tough as well. In the interest of light weight, Braven wisely makes Ironside wheels out of aluminum, not iron.


We replaced the stock 29-inch tires on our Polaris RZR XP 1000 test machine with 30-inch Braven Ironsides to gain some ground clearance for rocky terrain and deep ruts. The 30s fit the XP 1000 with no clearance issues. Stock Polaris lug nuts can’t be used with Braven’s Ironside wheels, because the wheels’ lug wells won’t let you get a socket on them, so you’ll need smaller custom lug nuts, which are $25–$30.


The test area we used begins with a paved section and long stretches of hard-packed dirt, and we were fans of the Ironside radials’ smooth, quiet ride from the first mile we drove on them. These tires’ strong sidewalls fight flex, which gives the RZR crisp, direct steering, so the slightly taller-than-stock 30-inch tires didn’t hurt the RZR’s cornering one bit. Cornering feel was actually better than stock. The 1000’s power comes in hard, and we were very impressed how well the Braven tires found traction on everything from hard dirt with a loose surface to sand. There was no tread damage from rocky sections, and we had no flats during the test. The tire truly is a strong all-terrain performer.

Braven’s Ironside wheels handled the test area’s rough terrain with no problems, and, like the tires, they gave the RZR a tough, distinctive look.


Braven may be a new name to UTV enthusiasts, but Ironside tires and wheels perform as well as products from some of the biggest names in the game.


RATING: Braven Ironside tires: ★★★★★. Braven Ironside wheels: ★★★★★

PRICE: Braven Ironside 30×10-14R tires, $158 each. Braven Ironside wheels, $109.09 each.

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