— Testing a high-quality, durable flashlight —

Coast is a 100-year-old Oregon-based company known for high-quality knives, lights and multi-tools. A powerful, dependable flashlight is a must have for UTV adventures, so we tested one of their less expensive lights, the HP7, which was recently reduced from $45 to $35. This flashlight uses a single, high-quality, proprietary LED, which provides stronger, clearer light than less-expensive LED arrays, a rugged aluminum water-resistant housing, one-handed fingertip beam focusing and adjustable power settings. The HP7 uses four AAA batteries. This flashlight has a lifetime warranty. A rechargeable model is also available.

Coast’s single, high-quality, proprietary LED provides stronger, clearer light than less-expensive LED arrays, and Coast’s precision optics make the flood beam very even and the spot intense with a halo to help illuminate the target.


The HP7’s specs list its output as 420 lumens on high, which has to be seen to be believed. Saying it’s much brighter than normal flashlights is an understatement, but the housing doesn’t get warm like some powerful lights, thanks to an internal heat sink. Coast has flashlights up to 1200 lumens if you feel the need. The HP7 is 5.6 inches long, small enough so it doesn’t take up much storage space, but large enough to find easily in a crowded glove box. The beam-focusing mechanism works easily with one hand, and thanks to Coast’s precision optics, the flood beam is very even and the spot is intense with a halo to help illuminate the target. The housing’s roll-resistant shape keeps the light in place on sloped surfaces. The light also stands on its base. The four AAA power supply is convenient, and Coast claims 12 hours of battery life on low, 6 hours, 30 minutes on medium, and 2 hours on high.


We rely on our phones’ flashlights for many situations, and they usually do the job, but not nearly as well as a powerful flashlight. Having a rugged, powerful flashlight on hand keeps your phone power available for contacting help in emergencies, and provides plenty of light when it’s needed.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $35



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