Dux specializes in turn-signal and horn kits to help most UTVs and ATVs meet the minimum requirements for licensing OHVs for street use, which is really handy for connecting USFS and state trails. Dux has developed a true plug-and-play kit for RZRs, Rangers, and now the Polaris General 1000 and General 4. We got one of the first General kits, which requires different connectors for the General’s taillight pods.


The Dux Deluxe plug-and-play turn-signal kit has a column-mounted turn switch with indicator lights, a horn button and four-way emergency flashers. It connects to a factory-made wiring harness with color-coded and -labeled wires with connectors. A 105-decibel motorcycle horn is also included. An LED flasher and rubber-coated horn button ride on the dash, and six fully sealed, ultra-bright LED turn lights with bullet ends are installed in the front bodywork. A license-plate bracket with light and looms for connecting to the OEM General taillights are run out back. Mounting hardware, plastic zip-ties and instructions finish off the kit.

The Dux kit includes six LED lights for the front turn indicators. The Deluxe General kit plugs into the rear taillight harnesses. It also includes a 105-decibel horn and license-plate bracket and light.



We’ve installed a few Dux kits on RZRs, and that was much easier than installing this kit on the new General. The brake-light switch was especially hard to install, as there is not as much room under the General’s hood as there is under the RZR’s, especially with aftermarket piggyback WER shocks. We drilled three 3/4-inch holes for each side in the front fascia, and the LED indicator light requires a 7/16-inch hole in the dash.


Anyone in the 23 states that allows UTVs and ATVs to be licensed for the street, such as Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and many more. The Dux Deluxe kit for the General is a true plug-and-play product with pre-cut wiring loom for a clean installation.


Our Dux Deluxe General turn-signal kit has worked flawlessly for several rides now. The integrated turn-signal switch also controls the loud horn and four-way flashers. It mounts with a hose clamp included in the kit. Be sure to place a plastic bag over the turn-signal switch when pressure-washing the UTV. We got ours wet, and the LED indicator on the dash went a little crazy until it dried out. We also accidentally hit the switch occasionally during some spirited tire testing on feisty trails.


Dux did a great job on the Deluxe plug-and-play General Turn-Signal kit. We especially like integrating the Deluxe kit into the General’s taillights and brake lights. Installation is straightforward but more time-consuming than with our RZRs. We haven’t had any failures with any component. Time taken doing a clean install with no wires near moving or hot parts will go a long way towards enhancing the reliability and durability of the kit. 

CONTACT: Dux; www.duxsignalkits.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $369.99; $349.99 at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

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