The Power Vision CX is a handheld, do-it-yourself performance tuner and data monitor with the latest flash-tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry-exclusive features. This tuner comes with access to free tunes from Dynojet or can be the middleman installer for custom tunes purchased and e-mailed from one of many custom tuners out there.

Dynojet’s Power Vision CX lets RZR XP and Maverick X3 owners fine-tune ECU maps, lower fan-on temperatures, increase rev limits in high and low ranges, allow left-foot-brake driving, and much more.


The Power Vision CX can be used as a plug-and-play tuner with preloaded ECU flashes for major increases in performance. Preloaded flashes feature revised fueling for maximum power and torque. Spark timing is optimized for 91–93-octane fuel, and rev limits are raised in high and low gears. Speed limits are also raised in high and low gears, as well as reducing or eliminating torque-limiting functions of the stock ECU. The Power Vision flashes also feature revised drive-by-wire profiles while allowing for left-foot braking. Fan turn-on temps are lowered for increased cooling and overheat protection as well.

The Power Vision CX also allows for engine builders or a capable customer to design custom tunes with their very own PowerCore C3 tuning software. These custom curves can be shared with Power Vision CX owners via e-mail and easily uploaded into their vehicles. C3 software gives the end user complete control of their calibration for individual builds and requirements. The C3 user can start with the original calibration and then modify, or even edit, existing calibrations.

The Power Vision CX will monitor and log data channels from the ECU with real-time cell tracing. The C3 software provides cell-trace replay to quickly make adjustments without having to search for the right axis values. It also features Map Compare, allowing the user to create tunes faster by leveraging previous work. Table math scripting provides tuning scripts for rapid full-table adjustments versus time-consuming cell-by-cell adjustment.

The Power Vision CX comes with five different screen options with different pre-built gauge cluster options.


The Power Vision CX is 3.7 by 2.4 by 0.77 inches in size with its own easy-to-read 2.3- by 1.3-inch LCD screen. It comes with its own cable to plug into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, as well as a USB connection capable of connecting to the laptop or computer for uploading tunes or files. The PV CX also comes with a Velcro mount suitable for dyno or road testing of vehicles.


Installation and uploading a provided tune is very simple, as the LCD screen will walk you through the process. Ours was preloaded for a Kraftwerks Supercharger project we are working on, but you will need to go to 
jet.com/pvcxws.aspx to upload whatever files you want for your vehicle. First connection to the vehicle will require about 15 minutes for your PV CX to read, upload and save your stock ECU settings. This will be saved in your PV CX in case you ever need to return to stock for warranty work or any other reason. Once you have saved your machine’s “pv_info.txt” file, you will need to upload it to the website, and then you can access and upload whatever files are compatible with your vehicle. Some PV CXs will be preloaded as well. Once you have the files you want in your PV CX, connect back to the diagnostic port, and uploading only takes a few minutes.


The Power Vision CX is available for most Polaris and Can-Am off-road vehicles, including the Maverick X3. We’ve seen huge gains from re-flashing turbocharged UTVs like the RZR XP Turbo and X3, but healthy gains can be expected from NA vehicles as well. Our case is on a 2014 RZR XP 1000 with a Kraftwerks Supercharger installed. With a substantial mod like the Supercharger, custom tuning and re-flashing of the ECU is necessary to even function, much less getting the most out of your particular setup.

Dynojet has worked directly with Kraftwerks developing a turnkey re-flash that will safely and efficiently put down 150-plus-pound and 110-plus-pound-feet of torque with the 7.5-psi pulley. With the 9-psi pulley, they are getting over 170-plus horsepower, but we are looking for the utmost reliability as it is going to be an off-road race build.


The Power Vision CX is for any performance Polaris or Can-Am owners that want a solid increase in engine performance. It is especially for the customer or tuner who wants complete visibility and the ability to customize their tune to their specific vehicle build and needs. Previous to this technology, many engine builders and tuners have been selling custom ECU re-flashes where you pick one that fits you, send them your ECU and they return it installed. This previous method brought similar results, but you were then stuck with that one single re-flash. Their was no opportunity to revert to stock for warranty, and you couldn’t go into your curve and modify it in the areas in which your machine craves something different.

A stock machine can benefit from a PV CX re-flash with fuel optimization, rpm, rpm governors, etc., but if your machine is anything but stock, it is almost a necessity to take full advantage of said mods. More compression, bigger cams or even just an intake and exhaust can make a much bigger difference when it is optimized via custom ECU tuning.


The PV CX tuner worked wonders with our Supercharger-equipped machine. It was simple to install, and the Kraftwerks-specific tunes complement the kit perfectly. The basic tunes for a stock Turbo XP will noticeably increase seat-of-the-pants performance and horsepower at wide-open throttle. Many custom tuners are also building power at every possible throttle position for custom applications. Customizing your specific setup is also simple and effective. You can even leave a stock curve with the governors removed, and the seatbelt cutout turned off to compensate for installing a harness. Off the start line, we really appreciate the left-foot braking mode, as it allows you to load the clutch with gas and brake without limp mode kicking in and making it fall on its face.


This is a great tuner for anyone who wants to increase performance, especially in a turbo or highly modified normally aspirated car. It’s simple to use and costs less than sending your ECU out for a single tune flash. There are many custom tuners selling compatible custom tunes, and even a few who distribute the Power Vision CX with their custom tunes installed as a bonus.

CONTACT: www.dynojet.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $399 or $472 with the three-bar sensor and Kraftwerks Supercharger calibration

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