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Giant Loop started out as an outfitter for adventure bike enthusiasts with a line of soft luggage, tools, repair kits, camping gear, and fender and tank bags, but Giant Loop has extended its reach to include UTV, snowmobile and snow bike adventure products. Giant Loop has added 3- and 5-gallon Gas Bags to its lineup so UTV and ATV adventurers can extend their range. The line started in 2016 with the 1-gallon Fuel Safe Bladder and extended it with a 2-gallon bag. Gas Bags are intended for temporary transport and racing applications.


The new 3-gallon Gas Bag measures 22 inches by 14 inches (empty), while the 5-gallon Gas Bag is 29 inches by 14 inches, and both have two rows of “daisy-chain” webbing for tie-downs. The 5-gallon bag has four rubber-molded handles, and the 3-gallon bag has three molded-rubber handles. Each Gas Bag Fuel Safe is pressure-tested and made in the USA.

Getting fuel out of the Gas Bag and into the UTV takes both hands, like a plastic gas can, but it takes a bit more care and dexterity.


Each Gas Bag is made of a welded-film bladder sewn into a ballistic-nylon sleeve with exterior daisy-chain webbing. Four web loops are fitted with rubber ergonomic handles, and the 5-gallon Gas Bag weighs 28 ounces when empty. The filler neck is standard size and fits universal spouts such as EZ Pour ($10.95).


Any UTV adventurer who needs to extend fuel range but doesn’t want a large gas can taking up space in the bed. Gas bags can be strapped to empty seats, laid on the floorboard or strapped to a roof rack, but we don’t recommend strapping it into the bed above the hot engine and exhaust!


Filling the 5-gallon Gas Bag is a bit harder than filling hard cans; we ran one hand through the top handle and gripped the bag while filling with the gas nozzle. We have experienced no leaks, and the Gas Bag cap seals tight. Giant Loop included an EZ Pour spout to our order, which eased getting fuel into the UTV, but emptying the bag of fuel took much longer than a quick-dump racing gas can would. The four ergonomic handles are great for carrying and pouring fuel into the UTV. It’s far easier than we thought it would be with the flexible bag. The best part is that the Gas Bag can be rolled up for compact storage once the fuel is transferred into the UTV’s fuel cell.


While much more expensive than plastic fuel jugs, Giant Loop’s 5-gallon Gas Bag Fuel Safe provides the UTV adventurer with a way to extend fuel range without taking up a lot of room in the UTV. When rolled up, it’ll fit inside our Wolverine X4’s glove box. When full, it’s easily moved with the four handles and secured to the UTV’s adventure rack or spare seat with the daisy-chain loops. It takes a bit more muscle and care than a hard jug to fill the UTV with fuel without spilling, but we’re getting used to it.

CONTACT: www.giantloopmoto.com or (888) 358-8347

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $299.99; 3-gallon, $239.99

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