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May 28, 2017
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GMAX’s MX86 off-road helmet is impressively light. The large size is just 2.9 pounds, while many helmets are 3.2 pounds and more. This helmet has an ABS shell and is DOT and ECE rated, so its safety ratings are solid. The MX86 is $130, which makes it one of the more affordable helmets out there.

Light weight and the high-end feel of the Dupont SpaSoft Coolmax interior make the MX86 very comfortable.



We noticed the MX86’s light weight from the moment we put it on, and a light helmet improves comfort on short or long rides. A lighter helmet helps in any situation where your head moves, like bumps, turns or when turning your head, all of which happen almost continuously on UTV rides. This helmet has DuPont’s new SpaSoft Coolmax interior, which is very soft, absorbent and dries quickly. The liner also has charcoal bamboo fiber to stop odor by fighting bacteria. The eyeport has plenty of room for goggles, and a roost guard protects much of your nose and cheeks that goggles don’t cover.

The MX86 fits extremely well and is very comfortable once you have it on, but putting the helmet on and taking it off requires more effort than some, because the padding at the base of the helmet narrows the opening for your head. Don’t be put off by the momentary discomfort of putting the helmet on and taking it off; the comfort while riding is excellent.


GMAX’s MX86 is an affordable helmet that offers impressive comfort because of its light weight, comfortable fit and the high-end feel of its interior. We like it.

contact: www.gmaxhelmetsusa.com/product/mx86/207997 or your WPS dealer

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $130


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