A former pro-level motocross racer, Paul Campbell started Ican Industries in 2014 as a family business dedicated to providing an inexpensive-yet-high-quality goggle to off-road racing athletes. Ican goggles are built to last under extreme racing conditions without torn foam, stretching straps or empty wallets.


Each Ican goggle comes with a clear lens with tear-off posts and one tear-off, an Ican decal and a large zip-lock bag, which can be used to keep the prepped goggle clean and dry at a remote pit. Goggles come in black, red, yellow, white or blue to match most ATV and UTV brands. Spare clear, tinted and mirrored lenses and tear-off 10-packs are also available separately.


Ican frames are made of impact-resistant, injection-molded plastic, and each frame has two filtered top vents, plus ventilation holes drilled through the top, sides and bottom of the frame and backed by coarse foam. Face foam is ample with three layers of sweat-wicking foam, sealing the goggle to the face and providing a cool, comfortable fit. Straps are high-quality elastic to minimize stretch, and the strap has three bead lines of silicone backing for grip. Lenses have built-in tear-off posts.


Before wearing the Ican goggle, we replaced the included clear lens with a tinted lens to deal with the bright spring days on light-colored sand and dirt. The lens was very easy to replace, and the quality of the Ican frame’s venting, filtration and construction was impressive. On the trail the fit and feel of the Ican was also top-shelf. Venting kept the lens from fogging up on cold spring mornings, even at rock-crawling speeds, and the dense filtering foam kept too much air from drying out the eyes at normally eye-watering trail speeds. The strap has stayed tight and grippy after several rides too.

Ican Industries knows what off-road racers and enthusiasts want in a goggle, and the Ican goggle features a high-quality injected-molded plastic frame, great fit and vision, and a goggle strap with a plastic tear-off caddy and traction beads.



Ican indeed has a pro-level goggle at prices that are even lower than other economical offerings from brands like 100%, Spy and Oakley. The frame is a work of art, and fit is excellent for long days in the saddle, whether it’s cold and windy or hot and balmy. The pre-curved lens offers great vision with no distortion too. Ican goggles offer big bang for the buck.

CONTACT: or (970) 946-9974

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $25.99; extra lenses, $10–$10.50; tear-offs, $7.50

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