— Testing ITP’s latest performance tire —

When Polaris debuted the Turbo S last year, instead of using the old Maxxis Big Horn tire found on the majority of UTVs today, Polaris spec’d something else. The new, taller, wider long-travel machine came with a somewhat narrow, 32-inch ITP tire called the Coyote. While it had great straight-line traction for acceleration and braking, we didn’t like its overall handling characteristics. Fast-forward to this summer when ITP released another new tire with similar sizing and style called the Terra Hook.

The rounder profile and staggered, widely spaced knobbies make for great handling characteristics. The Terra Hook starts at $155 with sizes ranging from 26–32.


The new tire has an 8-ply carcass with a rounded profile and non-directional knobbies that wrap down the sidewall a bit. This UTV tire is a DOT-rated radial tire with 3/4-inch-tall lugs in the middle and on top that taper down along the sidewall. Unlike the Coyote, which has limited sizing options, this tire comes in nine different sizes for everything from utility ATVs at 26 inches all the way to long-travel race UTVs using 32s. Prices range from $155–$205.


Because of its radial construction and improved profile, the tire rolls a lot smoother than the Coyote and doesn’t require balancing. It rolls so smoothly, it actually feels like a much lighter tire. Hook up is even better than expected, even on loose-dirt-covered hardpack; however, its biggest asset is steering predictability. You can slide the UTV around, and it does exactly what you think it should. It turns on flat ground as well as it does in the rocks or sliding over roots and ruts. It never wants to grab an edge and stand the car up on two wheels like the Coyotes did. At high speeds, the rubber feels planted and doesn’t wander or hunt. Braking traction is superb as well.


We tested the 32×10-15 Terra Hooks on all four corners of our Turbo S four-seater. They weigh 36.75 pounds and felt even lighter under the turbo power of our test RZR S. In fact, the weight is identical to our old favorite tire, the 30×10-14 ITP Ultracross R Spec. So far this tire has proven to be as durable as the R Spec, and we like the handling even better. Rock and bump deflection are smooth and not felt through the steering wheel. We will continue to put miles on the tire and have an update on how they wear at by the time you are finished reading this issue.


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $155–$205



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