— Testing them on a Can-Am X3 —

K-UTV developed Rock Knockers for the Can-Am Maverick X3 line. These rock flaps protect the rear wheels, brakes, hubs and suspension components from front-wheel roost, especially when using four-wheel drive. K-UTV also has Rock Knockers for Wildcat 1000s and is working on flaps for other UTV models.

Here’s the Pro version, which requires taller tires and/or lifts on X ds and base models. Had we installed Rock Knockers on our Maverick X3 Turbo when it was brand new, the yellow paint on the trailing arms wouldn’t have been sand-blasted away. The flaps also keep rocks from galling rear wheels and hubs.


Rock Knockers have steel brackets that mount to the Can-Am X3 rear torsion-bar mounting bolts on each side of the frame. These brackets are powdercoated black, and the thick rubber rock flaps bolt to the brackets.


The steel mounts use high-quality steel bolts, washers and Nyloc nuts to mount the thick, 8-inch-wide rock and mud flaps with internal cords for strength. Double D Rock Knockers have 10-inch flaps. The Rock Knocker X3 Pro has 10-inch-wide and 2-inch-longer flaps for long-travel X3 X rs models, and they’re aimed at racers who want maximum protection.


Use an 18mm box-end wrench and 18mm socket and extension to loosen the two torsion-bar mounting bolts and Nyloc nuts on your X3. Remove the nuts and mount the Rock Knockers on the exposed OEM bolts. Replace the nuts and tighten, making sure the flaps are level with the ground. Torque to 90 pound-feet.


Mounted essentially in the rear-wheel wells of the X3, Rock Knockers deflect rocks away from the exposed rear shocks, shock springs, wheels, hubs, brakes, trailing arms and radius rods. The mounts actually tilt the flaps forward slightly to help them resist folding backwards due to the wind at speed. The thick rubber flaps take the abusive roost that could otherwise damage vital parts and end a ride or race.


Rock Knockers do a good job of deflecting roost away from the rear of our X3 Turbo and keeping rocks out of the rear wheels and suspension. For added protection, go with the Double D or X3 Pro version, and K-UTV will have Rock Knockers for other sport UTVs soon. The thick rubber flaps are very durable as well.

RATING: 4 stars

PRICE: $130 to $150

CONTACT: www.k-utv.com

(623) 776-5898



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