— The Mastodon HT is Kenda’s latest UTV tire that has been specifically designed for intermediate to hard-pack surfaces. The Mastodon line also includes an AT model designed to be the more do-it-all UTV tire with a more aggressive tread designed for clean-out in the mud. We mounted and ran the Mastodon HT on DWT’s Sector beadlock rims.


The Mastodon tire is made from high-quality chip- and tear-resistant rubber.


The Mastodon HT combines radial construction with an extra-tough, heavy-duty, eight-ply-rated casing that resists punctures and improves ride quality. The Mastodon HT also features a light-truck-tire-influenced design with its tread and slightly squared profile. The Mastodon HT also meets or exceeds all DOT requirements for use in places where UTV road use is legal.

The Mastodon is an eight-ply, DOT-approved radial with a slightly squared, light-truck-inspired profile.


Mounting the Kenda Mastodon is just like any tire. We opted for the 30×10-14 size on our RZR XP Turbo. The 30-inch and 28-inch sizes use the same-width tires on all four corners, ruling out the option for using the stock wheels. Kenda does offer front and rear width options for machines needing a 25-inch or 26-inch tire.


The Mastodon HT is available with sizing to fit just about any UTV on the market. For the smaller machines, you can get front- and rear-specific sizing with a 25×8-12 and 25×10-12. Mid-sized machines get similar options with 26×9-12 and 26×11-12, or 26×9-14 & 26×11-14 if opting for that bigger 14-inch wheel. The bigger machines get 28×10-14 and 30×10-14 options with the same-width tire being used at all four corners. This becomes especially appreciated when carrying and possibly using a spare.


Aimed directly at the deserts of the West Coast, the Mastodon HT tire is specifically designed for intermediate to hardpack surfaces, rock and shale. The HT is built for high-speed desert terrain and even tighter rocky climbs or trails. This is definitely directed at the California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah or even Baja guys who want great high-speed handling over a variety of dry, desert-like terrain. For the southern or East Coast guys, the Mastodon AT will provide much better clean-out and traction in the mud or even more slippery, vegetated terrain.


This tire works great on the hardpack trails and dirt roads that it was designed for, but will also surprise you in softer, sandier terrain. We wouldn’t call it the first choice to take to the dunes, but it provides great traction and is very predictable and stable in the desert sand washes where we test. Many hardpack tires have a tendency to pull or drift uncontrollably at speed in softer sand, but this wasn’t the case with the Mastodon.


All in all, a great West Coast desert tire that is proving to be very durable as well. The handling in the SoCal desert is as good as anything we’ve tested to date. The slightly square profile offers controllable sliding characteristics, and you can back it into about anything. Braking is predictable and accurate on hardpack or shale as well. We also noticed that certain lugs feature a stepped face, which will help with retaining great traction as the tire wears down further. Speaking of wear, the Mastodon HT seems to be a pretty long-wearing tire, with minimal wear showing after our 50-mile test loop.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $246, 30-inch Mastodon tire




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