— Klock Werks specializes in aftermarket windshields for Harleys and most motorcycles with fairings. Now the company is getting into the UTV windshield business. Klock Werks has a new Flare windshield for the Polaris RZR XP 900, 1000 S, XP 1000, XP Turbo and XP 4, and there are Flares in the works for Polaris Generals and Rangers and Can-Am Maverick X3s.


Flare windshields are sculpted with “hips” at the outer edges to redirect air and two “flips” along the top kick air up and over the driver’s and passenger’s heads. The half windshield fits closely to the hood and doesn’t let air underneath. It’s designed to push air up and over the UTV and keep debris and roost out of the cabin.

Here’s the Flare RZR windshield with the new wing deflector.


The Flare is made with 0.160-inch, dual-side, hard-coated polycarbonate, and comes in clear, tint and dark smoke shades. The kit also includes four black-anodized Axia Alloy billet-aluminum cage clamps with thumb screws.


Anyone who wants more protection and technology from a half windshield.


Even at slower trail speeds, the Klock Werks Flare windshield for RZRs directs air up and over the occupants. In fact, it creates a negative-air pocket inside the cab so strong that debris on the floor was picked up and drawn out of the cabin. It works so well that it sucks dust from the front tires under the RZR quarter doors, so owners will definitely want half doors or Polaris accessory lower-door kits and probably a rear window. There is also some distortion from the curved windshield, but we got used to it.


Klock Werks has definitely improved on the half windshield with the Flare RZR windshield. It even does a good job of keeping rain out of the cabin. Klock Werks is also developing side wings that adjust to direct cooling air into the cab on hot days in the saddle.

Contact: www.getklocked.com

RATING: ★★★★


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