The Klock Werks UTV Flare windshield is the evolution of the same old half or quarter windshield that you see everywhere. Klock Werks’ patent-pending design is meant to work as an airflow management system to remove the wind blast and neck/eye strain you feel on a typical high-speed UTV ride. The UTV Flare wings are side flaps that can be run independently or with the windshield for increased air deflection and airflow management.

The Flare windshield works so well, you’ll want half doors, as it creates a vacuum strong enough to suck dust kicked up by the front tires into the cab. Flare wings keep air from coming in from the sides and will work with any windshield.


The Klock Werks Flare windshield design uses hips at the outer edge of the shield to re-route the air, and a flip at the top is designed to kick the air up and back over the driver and passenger with less turbulence. This design allows a shorter windshield to still provide maximum wind/debris protection that doesn’t obstruct your view when muddy or wet. The windshield itself is made from an extremely tough polycarbonate that is hard-coated on both sides for industry-leading durability and scratch resistance.

Klock Werks partners with Axia Alloys for the nicest billet mounting clamps you can get, with billet thumb screws for tool-less removal and installation after initial install. The UTV Flare wings provide an increase in wind deflection to the Flare windshield, can be used as a stand-alone deflection system or can be used to improve the performance of most other quarter windshields you might already have on your RZR.


This sleek-looking windshield is made from 0.160-inch-thick, dual-sided hard-coated polycarbonate. This is the same stuff used to create bulletproof windows, making it virtually indestructible. For a demonstration of its durability, the Klock Werks guys actually recorded shooting one with a revolver from about 20 yards away. It chipped it at the impact point but did not penetrate the windshield. The shield itself is available in three shades, including clear, tint or dark smoke. The kit comes with extremely high-quality, patented Axia Alloys detach clamp hardware. This includes roll cage clamps and thumbscrew turn knobs that are machined from billet-aluminum and then anodized black for a trick look. The UTV Flare wings feature the same tinted or clear dual-hard-coated polycarbonate and Axia mounting hardware.


Initial installation is simple and very quick, only requiring a single 5mm Allen wrench. The billet clamps are sized to your stock tubing-sized cage at 1.75 inches. They can also be had in 1.5, 1.85  or 2.0 inches depending on what size tubing your cage is constructed from. They don’t need to be stretched; Klock Werks recommends using the provided clamp bags as a powdercoat protector when installing them. Once you slip them into their approximate location, you can install the windshield with the billet thumbscrews, then adjust for a 1/4-inch gap on the bottom outside and 3/4-inch in the center.

This windshield will mount with just about any cage, but with our Cagewrx cage, the additional lower cross tube would only let us gap the bottom of the windshield to about 1/8-inch on the sides and 1/4-inch in the center. They claim that 1/4- and 3/4-inch gap is the ideal placement for airflow management, but we have absolutely no complaints with its performance set a little lower. Once you have it squared up, you tighten the Allens and the thumb knobs and it is ready to go. Total install takes about 10 minutes for the windshield and another five minutes for the wings. With installation complete, you can remove the windshield in about two minutes without tools, should you need to in the field. 


Klock Werks has been using this same technology windshields for the motorcycle industry. They rewrote the book on windshields, with huge success on road bikes, custom baggers and even Bonneville racers. The UTV Flare windshield is available for any year Polaris RZR XP 1000 or Turbo with just about any aftermarket cage. It will also fit most XP 900s from 2014 on. Klock Werks is currently developing a Flare windshield for the Polaris Ranger and the Can-Am X3. More models will follow as each of these windshields are actually designed specifically to each model and CAD-designed for air management specific to each machine’s shape and hood design.

The UTV Flare wings can be used on your RZR or any other UTV with 1.75-inch front cage downtubes. This is the common cage sizing with many different UTVs, and they will fit a lot of different models.


If you own a Polaris XP 1000, 900, or Turbo, you will love this windshield. Regardless of whether you’re a duner looking for increased all-day driving comfort or the trail guy looking to re-route that cold air. It will increase enjoyment on those cold days, and even the full-blown racer will appreciate the comfort benefits, as it’s still low enough to look over when covered in mud. If you already have a basic flat quarter windshield, then you know what we’re talking about but are still missing about half of the wind management/reduction that’s capable with the Flare windshield. Can-Am X3 owners will undoubtedly love this windshield as well, and it might even be available by the time this article is printed and in your hands.


A typical quarter windshield blocks the wind to its own height or just slightly higher, but wind will still hit the driver’s helmet. A full windshield will block a lot more air, but is impossible to see through when muddy, dusty or wet. A full windshield also causes the dust to circle around the windshield and actually fill the cab worse than without one. The Klock Works Flare design allows for a shorter windshield that doesn’t obstruct your view when muddy or wet. This is because you are looking over it, not through it.   


This should be the new standard in UTV windshields, but with a patent pending, they own the technology. Luckily, they are busy developing them for more models as you read this. This windshield does an amazing job of funneling the air, debris or dust over the driver’s head for increased comfort at any speed. The design also seems to create less turbulence and dust in the cab than any other windshield we have tried to date. The Axia mounting hardware is as high-quality as it gets.

Four hundred bucks might seem like a hard pill to swallow for a quarter windshield, but its design is more effective than anything on the market, including the more costly full windshields. The windshield being hard-coated on both sides ensures that it will last without scratching or dulling as long as you clean it with their Shine Werks cleaner or mild soap and water.

CONTACT: www.getklocked.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: Flare windshield, $399.95; UTV Flare wings, $139.95

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