The K&N AirCharger intake is a complete replacement intake system and airbox for the Polaris RZR XP 1000 or XP Turbo. It is designed to increase horsepower via increased airflow without sacrificing filtration. The complete system is based on utilizing a K&N’s XD-type high-flow air filter.


On the top of the list, the AirCharger intake utilizes one of K&N’s washable and reusable XD-type high-flow air filters. K&N guarantees the AirCharger system to increase horsepower. The kit also includes a free-flowing intake tube that runs all the way from the plenum to the new airbox. The intake is designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction by smoothing and straightening out the airflow. Increasing the amount of air your engine can inhale directly relates to improved usable power and acceleration throughout the rpm range. The new oversized airbox houses a larger filter with more surface area than the stock paper filter.


The K&N air filter is made of multiple layers of woven cotton-gauze media for excellent filtration. The pleated cotton media provides a large filtration area for low restriction and longer service intervals. They come pre-oiled and are washable and reusable, with a million-mile warranty that eliminates an excess of disposable filters in the landfills.

The AirCharger intake system uses high-quality aluminum for the free-flowing intake tube. It provides a super-smooth interior and won’t collapse under acceleration or increased rpm. K&N powdercoats it black for corrosion protection and a stylish and finished look. The oversized canister-style airbox is made of super-tough roto-molded plastic to ensure it will last the lifetime of the vehicle.


Installing the AirCharger intake is as straightforward as it gets. The provided instructions (with photos) are very detailed and well thought out. The install takes less than an hour and requires a ratchet, a few sockets, a Torx and a flat-blade screwdriver. In short, you remove a few bolts, remove the stock airbox and intake tube, then replace it with the K&N setup.


We would love to say this is for anyone who owns a RZR XP 1000 or XP Turbo, but legally, it is for anyone who owns an XP and doesn’t live in the great state of California. As of press time, the air intake cannot be sold in California and is not legal for use in California or highway use in other states adopting the California emission standards.


We installed ours on a mildly hopped-up XP 1000. It has a stock motor with the exception of an HMF dual exhaust, EFI tuner and a Bully Dog/Bikeman Performance ECU recalibration. It was already a lot faster than stock. On K&N’s dyno, the AirCharger gives the stock XP 1000 3.3 horsepower and 2.2 foot-pounds of torque at 60 mph. Without the luxury of another dyno comparison, we would say the increased and improved airflow is just as appreciated with a modified setup. Throttle response and low-end power are definitely increased, and you continue to feel an increase all the way through the middle of the power curve. Top-end power feels less affected, but there is a definite increase in the usable low to midrange.


We ran K&N filters and Powerlids on our Baja and BITD race quads for more than 10 years straight with huge success, and they are still serviced and usable on those same machines in the garage now. We also have one on the DuraMax chase truck still sitting in the driveway, ready to go, with more than a quarter million very hard miles on it.

With our proven track record and the apparent quality of the new AirCharger, we’re pretty positive the system will outlast the UTV it’s bolted to. It is simple to install, mounts securely and, without a doubt, improves the performance of the RZR XP 1000. The sound improvement is another factor that we haven’t even brought to the table, but we can tell you it sounds a lot healthier and throatier than the stock system. Anyone with an XP 1000 or undoubtedly the Turbo model as well will benefit from this system. Six hundred bucks might be a little hard to swallow for the average enthusiast, but never buying another disposable air filter again will pay for itself over time. 

contact: www.knfilters.com or call them at (951) 826-4000

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $599

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