PRODUCT: Lazer Star PreRunner Series LED Lights

LED light bars have pretty much taken over the off-road lighting market— and with good reason. The multi-LED light bars produce more lumens of light per watt than HID technology and are proving to be incredibly durable. Reputable off-road lighting companies like Lazer Star, Rigid, Vision X and KC Hilites have been busy developing incredibly high-performance option s for racers and hard-core enthusiasts for the past few years. The LED lighting options from these companies have been developed specifically for our market and are incredibly good but also relatively expensive.

What makes these super-high-quality LED lights seem even more expensive is the steady influx of cutthroat-priced Chinese knockoff brands that look very similar to the higher-end brands. Whereas a top-quality 40-inch light bar might bring $800–$1400, no-name budget light bars are popping up for $300 or $400. Most of these knockoff light bars are proving to be less efficient and reliable than the name-brand options, but they are still a viable option when considering the huge difference in price. The major factor that keeps the average consumer spending the big bucks on race-quality lights is the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a reputable company that offers a warranty and a live person to answer your tech questions. This is where Lazer Star and the PreRunner series come into play. Lazer Star wanted to sell a more pricepoint- friendly series of LED light bars that they could truly stand behind and, most important, warranty. Lazer Star technicians researched and durability-tested LED lights from dozens of overseas manufacturers to find one that they were comfortable putting their name on.

The PreRunner LED light bars are constructed with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and a durable, high strength aluminum extrusion housing. The PreRunner series also uses corrosion- resistant stainless steel hardware for assembly and mounting.

The PreRunner LED bars feature 3-watt, X-Series Cree LEDs with a 6000K color temperature that is very similar to the sun. Available in spot, flood or a combination beam option, the Cree LED features an optimized reflector system for reduced hot spots, and the lights are also rated to IP67 for dust and water intrusion. The Lazer Star PreRunner series has a 30,000-hour life rating and is backed with a comprehensive three-year warranty. Blackout covers are included for 50-state roadway legality.

Installation is very well thought out, and there are both slide-track pivoting bottom mount and threaded side-mounting options. Our cage was prefabricated with welded-on end brackets, but the bars come complete with bolt-down end brackets or bottom mounts for horizontal tab mounting. One thing we noticed about the end mounts was that the threaded holes were fairly shallow and required careful bolt selection or washers if not using the supplied upright brackets. The wiring kit is also well thought out and even uses the waterproof, quick-release Deutsch connectors that we love on the more expensive Lazer Star light options. The kits come pre-wired with ground and positive-lead eyelet connectors, an on/ off switch, relay, Deutsch connectors, and a long-enough loom to mount the lights wherever you desire.

The PreRunner LED light bar puts out about the same amount of light as its similarly sized, higher-end brothers. The higher-end, race-quality lights seem slightly more refined as to the spread of the flood and clarity of the spotlights, but for most consumers, it would be hard to tell the difference. For the time we tested our PreRunner lights, they were completely trouble-free, and they made for a totally different night-riding experience in comparison to our stock lighting.

We ran a 40-inch, 3-watt, dual-row, combination beam bar off the roof and two flood-pattern, 4-inch, 5-watt cubes off the A-pillars. The three lights provided what seemed like about 10 times as much light as the stock headlights, with the combination beam providing incredible reach and equally impressive flood lighting. The cubes on the A pillars provide ideal, up-close and directed light for cornering and any slower technical terrain.

The PreRunner series lights have proven to be an incredibly priced, very functional option for most off-road lighting needs. They provided great lighting for the money and held up to our testing without issue. Compared to the higher-priced Endeavour light bars, the PreRunners feature a lighter-duty mounting kit, but while the mounting kits looked a little flimsy, they worked pretty well. The provided wiring kit is very complete and works very well, while the more expensive models require a separate purchase.

When looking at specs, the higher end race models are a little more efficient as they draw fewer amps, but light output is nearly identical. The race-quality lights will also operate at lower volts than the PreRunner series, but your average 12-volt system on a UTV, ATV or truck will never know the difference. We would recommend these lights to pretty much anyone but the serious racer. For the casual night racer, the duner or the trail guy, these lights will provide great lighting without breaking the bank. The PreRunner is also a great option for 4x4s, off-road trucks and even freeway 4x4s looking for that serious “race” look without the serious investment. Lazer Star is backing them with an incredible three-year warranty and should ease any worries about reliability. The higher-end race lights come with a lifetime warranty, but if you can get three-plus solid years at this price point, it seems like a no-brainer.

RATING: ★★★★★
PRICE: 40-inch Double Row, $400;
5-watt, 4-inch Cube, $89

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