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Maglock Air was developed with safety and speed in mind, and it’s the first and only innovation to use rare-earth magnets to make essential connections between man and machine when it comes to clean-air pump systems. No more zip-ties or duct tape, as the self-centering magnets create a rock-solid seal between your clean-air pump hose and helmet. James Castillo is a big fan of Maglock, as he rolled his Can-Am X3 while testing his Best in the Desert build and it caught fire. Castillo’s hands and arms were burned (through his fire suit!) as he escaped the burning UTV, and he credits the Maglock Air for saving his life.

Each Maglock Air kit also includes an Air cap and roof mount so you can keep your helmet port and air hose sealed to keep critters out when the hose is not in use.


The Maglock Air consists of a magnetic helmet coupler for your helmet’s clean-air port, a matching magnetic coupler for the clean-air hose, a steel Air cap with Air logo, and a roof mount with Maglock logo and two-sided tape backing. Each kit also comes with an Allen wrench for installing the helmet coupler, spare fasteners, an instruction booklet and a Maglock helmet/visor sticker.


The two couplers are made of cryon-max fire-resistant nylon with FR ratings, and magnets are embedded in the nylon couplers. Rare-earth magnets provide a strong on-axis straight-pull force of 30 pounds, while the off-axis (angled) force is exactly 10 pounds for a quick disconnect. So, no more having your hose disconnect unless you want it to. The Air cap and roof mount are steel, so they connect with the magnetic couplers, yet are easily disconnected.


Everybody who has a clean-air pump on their UTV, whether they race in organized competition or not. The Maglock is distributed by PCI Radios, 4-Wheel Parts and Assault Industries.


The cam-lock end of the helmet coupler installed quickly and easily using the supplied Allen wrench, while the hose coupler required cutting the epoxy on our PCI hose, unscrewing the PCI coupler and threading the Maglock Air coupler onto the hose. That done, the Maglock Air was ready for business! Connecting helmet to hose became effortless and instant, and a quick sideways tug on the hose coupler disconnected the Maglock. The Air cap provides a clean look and seals the port when not in use, and the roof mount secures the hose when not in use.


While the Maglock Air coupling system is more expensive than some clean-air pumps, it is a great addition to any clean-air system. The speed and ease of connecting to (and disconnecting from) the clean-air hose provides faster driver changes for racers, and it can save lives, as James Castillo testifies. Also, the roof mount secures the free end of your clean-air hose when not in use, so spiders or mice can’t climb into the hose and nest in your pump. That’s a lot of peace of mind. Also, Maglock is designed to work with Fluid Logic next-generation hydration systems, which are coming soon. 

CONTACT:, [email protected], (310) 725-1720

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $249.95, Maglock Air; helmet-side only, $94.95



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