— Testing their hybrid floor jack, rolling stool tool box and pod light —


The $19.99 light is a 3.5-inch sphere sitting on a magnetic base, and it can be pointed in any direction. It takes three AA batteries and has multiple LED lights, depending on how bright or focused a light you need. We have used it under RZR fenders stuck to a frame tube for great light. Of the three Mychanic tools we have tried, we use this one the most.


It’s a rolling, 20-inch tall, padded stool that can hold all the tools needed for a specific job on one side, as well as parts in two drawers on the other. It’s made of steel with heavy-duty fasteners that can hold up to 450 pounds. The price is $99.99.

The Mychanic floor jack reaches up to 18 inches, which is plenty high enough to get any corner of a UTV off the ground. If you want to get two wheels up at the same time, you will need a block of wood, or you can use the $60 Pro Eagle jack extension at


It’s called a hybrid because of its aluminum and steel construction. It’s still rather heavy at 59 pounds, but will lift up to 4000 pounds. That’s plenty to lift any fully loaded UTV and at least one corner of your pick-up truck. It has larger-than-average wheels, so it can roll over concrete cracks and other debris on the shop floor easily. Its carrying handle is up front, and it has a low resting height of 3.5 inches, so it can fit under places like lower ball joints or rear trailing arms. In fewer than five pumps, it can lift to over 18 inches. It’s price is $199.99.

The magnetic base, with its round shape, allows you to point a light precisely where you need it. It works perfectly for tight spaces, such as under your SxS’ fenders.


The jack is not made to roll in the dirt or sand, or lift as high as the $400 Pro Eagle off-road jack, but it will accept the Pro Eagle jack extension, which you can buy for $60 from Pro Eagle. But, for most tire changes and service work, we lift UTVs up one corner at a time under each suspension arm. So for shop use, it works perfectly.

This easy-rolling tool organizer, complete with swivel casters, recessed storage compartments and stowaway parts trays, will keep you comfortably working on your ride before you hit the trail on the weekend.


All three Mychanic products are a great addition to the UTV Action arsenal. The jack, in stock trim, works great in the shop for everyday use and is priced affordably.

CONTACT: or (800) 587-0882

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $199.99 (jack), $19.99 (pod light), $99.99 (sidekick stool)

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