— Checking out their grill, sun visors & shifter gate —

Assault Industries has been producing high-quality products for the military, aerospace, medical, automotive and off-road industries for 30 years, and we last reported on the Assault X3 radius rods and double-shear toe-link mounts (February 2019). Assault now introduces its new Hellfire grill, shifter gate panel kit and Ghost tinted sun visors for the Can-Am Maverick X3 line.

New Ghost tinted sun visors block early-morning and late-afternoon sun while still allowing vision for avoiding obstacles at speed.


The Hellfire X3 grill replaces the OEM plastic grill with a stylish and aggressive metal accessory with honeycomb design and bolt-on installation. It is made in the USA and comes with a black, red, white, yellow, or blue outer rim and interior logo.

The new Ghost tinted sun visors are universal, except for the cage mounts, with the X3s needing 1.875-inch diameter billet clamps. The visors have a pivot mount, frame and tinted see-through poly material, and dimensions are 5.25 x 14 inches. Two 5mm Allen-head bolts apply tension for adjusting the pivot mounts.

The shifter gate panel kit comes in raw silver or white, red, blue, yellow or black and includes top and bottom shifter-gate plates and two sets of fasteners. Owners can install the thinner top plate with P-R-N-H-L engravings and Assault logos using self-tapping screws or sandwich the OEM plastic shifter gate between the top and thicker lower shifter-gate plates for added strength.


The Hellfire X3 grill is CNC-machined honeycomb steel with a billet-aluminum outer frame and logo that replaces the OEM plastic louvered grill. Assault also includes a steel honeycomb upper grill for the top cover with a hood vent for extra radiator protection. Black-anodized steel fasteners and spacers are included.

Two black-anodized billet-aluminum mounts with two-bolt clamps are included with the Ghost tinted sun visors, and the 1.875-inch clamps are for the X3 and Teryxs. Or, go with 1.5-, 1.75- or 2.0-inch clamps for other UTVs. Each visor has a billet-aluminum, black-anodized frame housing the steel pivoting mount, and a thinner raw-aluminum frame sandwiches the tinted, see-through poly visors.

Shifter gate panel kits are CNC-machined aluminum bent to the shape of the OEM shift-gate assembly. Each kit includes two sets of fasteners—self-tapping and threaded with washers and nuts. The nuts will need Loctite or another thread compound.


Installing the Assault grill requires at least loosening the front fascia, and it’s easier to install the Hellfire than it is to remove the OEM grill. The main grill portion bolts right on using the short center and longer side spacers and included high-quality fasteners with nyloc nuts. The top vent grill requires drilling two holes in the press-on cover. Installing the sun visors is simple using a 5mm Allen and 17mm open-end wrench to lock down the clamps and pivot mounts and tension the pivots.

Installing the shifter gate panel kit top plate can be done without removing the OEM shifter gate from the X3, but it’s better to remove it. Loosen the 12mm lock nut and remove the plastic shift knob, then position the Assault shifter-gate panel and drill the pilot holes for the self-tapping screws. To install the thicker lower panel, you have to remove the X3 center console and OEM shifter-gate assembly. We notched the lower plate to fit the inside of the OEM shifter-gate piece. Also, it’s necessary to grind the support webbing on the plastic underside or the included bolts will be too short to sandwich the two plates.

Assault’s shifter gate panel kit increases style and function to the X3 cockpit, whether you use only the top plate or both top and bottom.


Even though the honeycomb holes on the Hellfire X3 grill are smaller than the OEM plastic holes, the Assault grill flows a lot more air, because the webbing is thinner than the plastic grill’s. It also supplies more protection because of the extra vent grill.

We were skeptical of the Ghost tinted sun visors’ ability to block the early-morning and late-afternoon sun versus solid visors, but you can position your head so that the center portion of the frame blocks the sun and you can still see through the visor to detect upcoming obstacles. The visors work with most windshields and roofs, too.

It’s easier to see what gear you’re selecting with the Assault X3 shifter gate panel kit, and the top panel adds style. Use the bottom panel, and the unit is much stronger than stock.


All three of Assault’s new X3 upgrades are welcome additions to our Evo Powersports Maverick X3. The Hellfire grill adds style, airflow and protection over stock. The Ghost tinted sun visors cut sun glare after dawn and before dusk, and they allow two-handed driving, as opposed to using one hand to block the sun. They add safety, for sure. The X3 shifter gate panel kit adds style and function, making shifts quicker and more positive.

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RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: Hellfire grill, $119.99; Ghost tinted sun visors, $169.95 a pair; shifter gate panel kit, $74.99






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