— Pumping clean, filtered air to your helmet —

PCI Race Radios has long been a one-stop shop for off-road racing communications, navigation and safety equipment, as well as a source for clean-air pumper systems. PCI’s RaceAir series includes filtered pumps for single ($149.95–$229.95), double ($219.95–$249.95) and quad ($274.95) hoses for delivering clean air to racing helmets. The new RaceAir Boost adds variable-speed control to its dual-outlet pump, with either a pump-mounted potentiometer or remote dial for $100 more.

The RaceAir Boost remote mounts flush with an anodized billet body and handy on-/off-speed control. High-quality bolts and Nylock nuts make for a clean install. PCI has rubber hose caps for $3.99 and Maglock RaceAir connector kits for $249.95.


PCI’s new RaceAir Boost uses an all-new billet body for a slick, easy-to-install package. Its bolt-on back mount clamps onto 1.5-1.75-inch tubes, or rotate it 90 degrees and it clamps to 1.85-2.5-inch tubes. The brushless DC motor is housed in the cube body and draws 2.8–4.0 amps at 12 volts, and the power cable includes a 5-amp fuse. A pleated paper filter with pre-filter rides on top, and the variable-speed control rides on the bottom between the dual hose mounts. The remote upgrade adds 10 feet of cable for mounting the on/off-speed controller in the UTV’s dash. Hoses (from $18.95) are not included. We got one 6-foot hose for $28.95. The RaceAir Boost can be mounted in any direction, even upside down.


The durable billet aluminum housing is anodized black, and steel Allen-head bolts clamp it to your cage (longer bolts are also included). The paper filter and pre-filter are secured by a large hose clamp, and the power cable also has a quick-connect feature so you can wire directly to the UTV’s battery, power bung or the $19.95 accessory toggle (terminals not included). The RaceAir Boost has a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Any desert or dune fan, or anyone who hates breathing dust, will like this product.


Since we have the Savage UTV belt case (reviewed last month) on our Can-Am X3’s back cage tube, we had to mount the RaceAir Boost on the top tube. It mounted quickly and easily as designed. Not wanting to drill a hole in the dash, we mounted the remote on our HMF glove box panel kit (May 2019). Had we not gotten the remote, it would have been easy to reach up to adjust or turn on the pump. We hooked up the hose to our Bell Eliminator Forced-Air helmet and turned the RaceAir Boost on. The output is impressive, and the motor is pretty quiet. The first day of testing was fairly cool, so we never dialed the boost up past halfway, as more air would have been too cold. We were impressed with its performance, and we even subjected the unit to a summer monsoon with no ill effects.


The PCI RaceAir Boost is a smooth-running, compact unit. It’s easy to install and pumps plenty of clean air to one or two helmets. The new Boost body makes mounting super simple and clean, and the new RaceAir Boost filter is more compact. It doesn’t have a bolt running through it or bonnet held on by a wing nut like the old RaceAir Maxes, only a pre-filter cap. The air running through the Boost still smells sweet after a few dusty rides. We love it.

CONTACT: www.pciraceradios.com, (800) 869-5636

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $499.95 with remote; $399.95 without remote; $16.95, replacement filter



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