The PBX A/T Hardcore is Pit Bull’s answer to the all-terrain light truck tire market. Pit Bull has specifically designed the PBX A/T Hardcore as an “in-between tire,” meeting the daily on-road use needs without taking away the off-road functionality we’ve come to expect from a Pit Bull tire. Pit Bull has a renowned reputation for incredible-performing tires in both the rock-crawling world and in the ATV and UTV market. We jumped at the offer of testing a set of LT tires on our new Raptor and decided to wrap them on Raceline’s new Shift wheels to really set it off.


The PBX A/T Hardcore is built for on-road ride comfort and handling, with low noise output yet incredible traction. Pit Bull claims the PBX Hardcore’s unique six-rib design is the key to building an LT tire that is truly the “best of both worlds” with on- and off-road performance.

The PBX Hardcore is made in the USA, and Pit Bull offers a 40,000-mile standard limited tread-wear warranty on it. For winter performance, the PBX is M&S rated with the three-peak mountain snowflake for winter driving conditions. The three-peak mountain/snowflake symbol means they meet incredibly severe snow-handling requirements. This standard means it will evacuate snow and slush easily and provide incredible traction in freezing temperatures.

PBX LT radials are 10-ply and aggressively siped for superior traction, and they carry an e-load rating. The tread pattern is similar to the Growler A/T LT/UTV tire.
PBX LT radials are 10-ply and aggressively siped for superior traction, and they carry an e-load rating. The tread pattern is similar to the Growler A/T LT/UTV tire.



The six-rib design we mentioned allows six rows for more biting edge and five circumferential groove channels to move more water and muck. The staggered design increases bite on all types of terrain and weather conditions. This combination helps with cooling, highway wear, noise reduction and the truly unique Pit Bull look.

The Multi-Pitch Variation creates PBX’s All Bite No Bark technology with Variable Pitch Sequence tread design. These alternating tread blocks and pitch sequence/sizing help to decrease tire-pitch noise at higher speeds as well as increase traction. Stepped lugs are equally dispersed throughout the pattern to aid traction and stone removal. Staggered shoulder lugs increase traction off-road and in inclement weather. Over-the-shoulder sidewall lugs increase traction and puncture resistance to the shoulder areas.

The PBX features what they call “Super Siping.” This combination of siping techniques creates a 3-D, multi-level, interlocking and alternating directional siping. This is said to maximize traction without sacrificing feel. The PBX also features chip- and tear-resistant rubber compound, rim guards and super-cool sidewall designs.


As of right now, the PBX is only available with a 35-inch diameter but has options for 17-, 18-, 20- and 22-inch wheels. We know Pit Bull has more sizes on the way, but if you’re going to only make one LT tire size, it should definitely be the ever-popular 35-inch. All four models are 12.5 inches wide, 10-ply and carry an E-load rating. They weigh between 69–71 pounds apiece.


In a 35×12.50 size, the PBX A/T is perfect for anyone looking for a performance tire for a lifted pick-up. We are running ours on a half-ton, but with the e-load rating, the PBX is ready to perform on 3/4- and 1-ton trucks, which is plenty of load rating for the biggest toy haulers, boats or other heavy loads.


Our truck handles great and looks like a million bucks with the PBX A/Ts and Racelines on it. The tread looks a lot closer to a race tire than an A/T, but they’re quiet and work well in the rain and snow. The PBX also feels super stable and controlled, even at extremely high speeds. Another thing we appreciated is that they all took very minimal weight to balance and has worn minimally and completely evenly on all four.

The Raceline wheels look great, and the only regret is that they are a slightly wider offset than our stock Raptor wheels. This wider offset looks great but flings water and mud up the side of the truck on occasion. This same offset would not sit wider than most other stock wheels on the market, but the stock Raptor wheel is extremely offset to make up for longer control arms. All in all, we love the setup and can’t wait for the 37 to come out. It was hard to believe that a tire/wheel would look better than the stock BFGs and SVT wheels, but once installed, there is no doubt.

contact: or call them at (314) 621-8954

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $344 each for 17s, $361 each for 18s, $378 each for 20s; Raceline Shift Black, $150 (online)

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