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Pure Polaris Accessories has your RZR XP 1000 or Turbo (#2879373) and RZR XP 4 (#2879949) covered with its new Trailerable Cover. The black, tight-fitting cover protects your RZR XP from UV rays, dirt, dust and the elements, and it’s designed to safely protect your RZR XP while being towed.


The Trailerable RZR XP Cover has an inner liner to protect the plastic and decals from scuffs, and the black fabric is cut to provide a tight fit over the bodywork and tires. It’s also emblazoned with the North Star and Polaris RZR logos, and adjustable perimeter straps cinch the cover down tight so it’ll stay on in high winds or when being trailered. There is also a strap that goes underneath the RZR’s midsection to add another level of security.

Pure Polaris has a new Trailerable RZR XP and XP 4 Cover that’s made of high-denier polyester with a synthetic inner liner to prevent scuffing of plastic, decals or paint.



The black fabric is durable, high-denier polyester, and the panels that cover the hood, cage and roof have a synthetic soft liner for more protection. Nylon-webbing straps with plastic buckles are sewn into the midsection and front of the cover, and the rear has a thicker nylon strap with a ratcheting buckle, like a tie-down, that cinches the cover down tight across the rear. It’s also shaped so that it’ll fit backwards in case the RZR has to be towed backwards on a hauler.


It’s for anyone wanting added protection for his or her RZR XP investment, even while towing to and from the ride spot or event. It’s noted in the instructions that only a clean RZR should be covered or the inner liner will be fouled with dirt, which will quickly abrade and scratch the bodywork, decals/wrap or paint.


Where Lumpy lives, wind gusts higher than 60 mph are normal, and the cover fits tight and doesn’t buffet in the high winds. It looks great and fits like a glove in the normal and backward positions on our RZR XPs. The Trailerable RZR XP Cover stands up well to the elements, but it’s not designed for 80-mph towing. There is also a little slack in the front and upper panels to fit over bumpers and light bars. If there is a drawback, it’s that the options for tying the RZR down to the hauler are limited by the small front and larger rear “port holes” in the cover. It works best with Speedstrap’s RZR XP Ratcheting Tie-Down kit ($109.95, UTV Action, October 2016) or with automotive-style tire tie-downs.

contact: www.polarisind.com

or see your local dealer.

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $299.99; XP 4, $399.99

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