— Product test —

By the UTV Action crew

Have you ever taken a close look at your RZR’s skid plates or belly pan? We bet if you have it was after you punctured them or they ripped. The plastic OEM skid plate is not good for much other than keeping soft sticks and flying rocks from coming through the rear section of the floorboard and mostly protects the battery and fuel tank. Constant dragging in deep two-track trails or heavy grinding on a rocky trail will make quick work of your skid plate. Furthermore, the four-seat RZR has even less protection, as the front floorboards do not have any additional protection other than the stock floor. Luckily, good, tough, full-coverage protection is available through the aftermarket.

In stock trim, you can see that your thin plastic floorboard is all there is between your feet and the ground. Run over a sharp, sturdy stick or a fencepost the wrong way and it will easily puncture the floor. Protect your family by calling (801) 483-2389.


A full-coverage underbelly protection system made from 1/2-inch-thick UHMW (hard plastic) material. It not only replaces the stock thin plastic skids, it provides more than double the thickness and surface area to protect the underside of the machine. If you are not yet familiar with UHMW, it’s used for everything from cutting boards to bulletproof vests. It’s that strong. Furthermore, it’s very heat resistant, whereas the stock plastic skid plate is much softer on a hot day and more brittle on a cold day. UHMW is just plain strong all the time.

The stock skid plate basically only provides protection for the battery, gas-tank, water lines and driveshaft. Ricochet keeps the passengers safe, too, by using 1/2-inch-thick UHMW material that is strong enough to stop a bullet.


Ricochet supplies a detailed parts list and good instructions. You don’t want to rush this job, so pay close attention to the size of the frame clamps provided and where they go. As long as you follow the instructions and lay all the parts out section by section, the job can be done in about two and a half hours. There are four sections for the main undercarriage. You install them from back to front, and the front pieces overlap the rears. Those frame clamps and the stock-style cup and bolts hold it all in place. The only drilling we had to do was to put two holes in the frame to mount the front bash plate.


It’s easy to see (or hear) the advantages of UHMW over the other popular aftermarket option, aluminum. The sound coming from the rocks kicking up under the car is much louder with aluminum. The weight is pretty similar, as aluminum skid sheets are typically a little thinner. The UHMW products we installed added about 50 pounds to the car, and the weight was very evenly distributed underneath. To compensate, we added about a turn of spring preload to all four shocks. On this Turbo S four seater we are using, we have been adding weight and adjusting the shocks a lot, so another 50 pounds is not a huge difference.

We punished the skid plates for hundreds of miles across the desert and through rocky canyons with jagged earth clawing at the car. The UHMW slides over rocks and earthen ledges very well. It’s so much better than stock, because now there are no voids or tubes exposed under the car to get you hung up. If you drag on something underneath, the car literally just slides off. Sure, we can see scrapes in the plastic after the test; but, they are not deep, and they demonstrate that the plates are doing their job. During this test, we would have ground holes in the stockers for sure. It is tough to spend so much hard-earned cash for a part you never see, but the advantages of protecting your passengers and the entire car are worth every penny.


Ricochet has been building quality, precision protection products since way back when we were testing ATVs, so we had no doubt its latest product for the 2019 Polaris RZR Turbo S would be good. It’s simple: if you ride on something other than graded, debris-free, smooth trails, you need an upgrade, and the Ricochet UHMW provides the best rattle-free protection available for your car and passengers. Order these skid plates before you have to.

CONTACT: www.ricochetoffroad.com, (801) 483-2389

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $1350

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