— Testing on a Can-Am X3 —

Savage UTV introduces its cage-mounted UTV Belt Case, an air-tight, lockable, water-proof CVT belt case. It’s designed to protect CVT belts from dirt, dust, debris, water and damage done trying to cut the mounting zip-ties.


The Savage UTV Belt Case mounts to your roll cage with three mounting systems. Savage has mounting plates for setting the case on top of the tube or beside the tube with two rubber-covered hose clamps, or you can opt for Assault Industries’ billet clamps ($69.95). The UTV Belt Case comes plain and carries two CVT belts, or it can be upgraded to carry the needed tools to change a bad belt on a RZR XP 1000, RZR Turbo or Can-Am X3. Cases even have a bleed valve for easy opening, should a vacuum form in the airtight case.

We got the Belt Case with the Can-Am X3 tools for removing the shredded belt and installing the protected new one, but the knuckle (right) is from our X3 toolkit. Savage even provides a spot for the separating bolt in the tool-holder foam.


Cases are roto-formed plastic with a rubber sealing lip, and four holes in the bottom have hex insets for the mounting bolts with sealing O-rings. Attach a pair of steel mounts for the hose clamps or Assault clamps with the included Nylock nuts. Cases with tools have expanded foam inserts to carry the tools and buffer the belt (belt not included).


Anyone who wants a secure way to carry a spare CVT belt or two and keep them from getting dusty, brittle from sun exposure, wet or stolen. The tool-carry option is also handy and cool.


We ordered the Can-Am X3 Belt-Change Kit, which includes long needle-nose pliers, box cutter, ratcheting driver, Phillips bit, and 10mm and 12mm sockets. The foam insert also has a spot for your belt-change knuckle from the X3 tool kit. We bolted the beside-the-tube mounts to the rear cross bar, and the Belt Case fits nicely between the air intake housing and right shock reservoir. The two latches on the case are fairly hard to close and open, evidence the case is, indeed, airtight and waterproof. Then we hammered the X3 at our Dove Springs/Robbers’ Roost testing grounds.


The Savage UTV CVT Belt Case lives up to the claims made on the box and website. It encloses one or two CVT belts and protects from exposure to sun, rain, dirt and dust, plus it protects from possible damage from cutting zip-ties (most racers’ current mounting method). The toolkit being right there is quick as well. The hole for a padlock is also protection from theft, but the hose clamps should be safety-wired to prevent stealing the whole thing, or at least slowing a determined thief down.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $119.95; $169.95 with tools

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