— Shock Therapy is an Arizona-based group of desert racers who rebuild and customize Trophy Truck, buggy and sand rail shocks. When race teams started using Rhinos and later UTVs to pre-run and eventually race, Shock Therapy switched gears and became specialists in rebuilding and modifying most OEM and aftermarket UTV shocks. Shock Therapy’s semi is parked at Glamis’ vendor row on all big duning weekends, and the work stalls are packed all day, every day. While they apply their Ride Improvement System mostly to 1000s and Turbos, ST also modifies other popular UTVs, such as the Kawasaki Teryx, which comes with Fox Podium 2.0 piggyback shocks with 24-position compression adjusters. While the Teryx Podiums deliver a nice ride on Hatfield-McCoy and other woods trails, harsh western conditions roughen the ride.

Shock Therapy’s Teryx 800 Ride Improvement System modifies the Fox Podium 2.0 shocks to improve ride quality by flowing more oil through the piston initially, then firming up damping later in the stroke through new valve specs.


Shock Therapy’s Ride Improvement System for the Kawasaki Teryx involves disassembly of the Fox 2.0s and modifying the valving, piston and internals to flow more shock oil. They work on both the Teryx 800 and Teryx4 to eliminate bottoming on big obstacles (with more progressive damping) and rough rides on trail chop using the stock Teryx shock springs.


Anyone looking for more performance and trail speeds with a better overall ride quality. Call Shock Therapy to discuss your specific needs and what type of riding you do. Then, set up an appointment to send in your Podium 2.0s for RIS modification.


We bolted the ST-modified Podiums onto our 2017 Teryx LE and saw a big leap in ride quality. The RIS shocks flow more oil through the piston to better pick up small impacts from rocks, roots and the like for a much smoother ride. The RIS valving firms up the last part of the stroke to better resist bottoming on water bars and other G-outs, so trail speeds increase along with ride quality.


Better yet, Shock Therapy sent us back the modified Fox Podiums with the compression adjusters set to full soft. Those adding a big load in the bed can stiffen the rear shocks with a few clicks in to level the ride. Or, those who like more spirited trail speeds can stiffen all four corners a few clicks to eliminate any bottoming. As delivered, the ride quality is so good, it feels like the Teryx has 10 inches of travel instead of the 8.0 front and 8.3 rear. At $650, Shock Therapy’s Teryx RIS costs much less than buying aftermarket shocks.

CONTACT: or call (623) 217-4959.

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $650

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