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Sidi may be a new name to some UTVers, but the Italian company is one of the world leaders in boots for motorsports, like motocross, motorcycle road racing, street motorcycling and bicycling. Sidi’s Duna UTV adventure boots are reinforced over the ankle boots that are designed to offer protection and very good foot-control feel.

The double-stitched brushed suede and Cordura fabric upper make the boot abrasion-resistant and lightweight. These boots have lace and Velcro closures. Heel and toe areas are reinforced to protect the wearer and help the boot retain its shape. The sole has tread for good grip on control pedals, but it’s not deeply lugged, which can interfere with changing foot positions on the pedals. The Duna boot is available in grey or black for $175. Sidi’s waterproof Gavia Gore-Tex boots are $250.

The sole’s tread and rubber compound provide good grip on the pedals, but it’s not deeply lugged, which can interfere with changing foot positions on the pedals.


These boots are simple to put on and take off, and the laces snug the boot quickly to give the fit and feel we want. The Velcro closure traps the laces to keep them from untying or snagging on things. The Duna is sturdy enough to give the pedal pressure we want for hard braking without hurting the pedal feel that is important for good throttle control and precise braking.

Out of the vehicle, these boots are comfortable to walk in and are stylish enough to be worn anywhere. The sizing is in line with other high-quality shoes, so there’s no need to order a larger or smaller size to get a proper fit. These boots aren’t waterproof like Sidi’s Gavia Gore-Tex boots, but they are somewhat water-resistant and dry fairly quickly because of the large Cordura panels in the uppers.


Sidi Duna boots are comfortable, offer excellent feel for driving and are stylish enough for street wear.

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RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $175

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