Cargo is something you deal with no matter what kind of machine you drive. Spare parts in a race car, drinks in the dunes, supplies for a hunt or overnight gear for an overlanding trip—they all need a home.


A large waterproof bag that can be strapped in at lots of different spots in the passenger or cargo area of your UTV. Heck, it could even be stowed on a roof or the hood of your UTV.

On the inside of the main flap, there are three smaller compartments for items you might want to get to quickly and don’t need completely protected. If you need one of these bags quickly, call Nelson-Rigg at (714) 850-1811 and tell them UTV Action sent you.



The bag is made of a 100-percent waterproof, UV-coated tarpaulin PVC. It measures 25 inches long, 18 inches wide and 8.7 inches deep. There are three inner mesh pockets behind the main flap enclosure. One is big enough for a spare belt and small tool roll. The other two are half that size. The bag itself has one main compartment; however, there are dividers between the two full-length zippers if items need to be separated.  


The material feels like a thick rain jacket. A main flap buckles in place and is the first line of defense against water, dust or mud. The three mesh pockets that make up the inside of the flap are not waterproof but still handy. To get in the main compartment, you have to drag back the zippers, which have electronically heat-welded seams. They provide 100-percent protection for the contents if locked. Yes, they are lockable.  

The main compartment of the bag uses two waterproof lockable zippers. The storage area can be sectioned off if needed. We like it wide open and have hauled a tent, sleeping bag, chair and small stash of clothes for some longer outings.



The bag is so big that most of the items we put in it were in bags of their own. We had a clothes bag, a sleeping bag, a chair and a small cook stove tucked away during our first outing with room to spare. If the bag were any larger, it would be tough to carry filled up. For now, it’s the perfect size, and when it’s full, you can grab the two large handles to carry it around. There are a myriad of loops and strap options, so finding a spot to secure it on different cars has been a breeze so far. The bag is holding up well in all temperatures. If it doesn’t hold up, Nelson-Rigg will replace it under their lifetime warranty. We are so impressed with it, we are thinking of new items to store and carry in it every day. Nelson-Rigg does offer other storage solutions, such as door bags, hydration pouches and car covers, so they may also carry the right bag for any of our future needs.

CONTACT: or (714) 850-1811


5 stars out of 5



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