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PRODUCT TEST: Replay Action Camera

WHAT IT IS: Replay unleashes the smallest and lightest action video camera on the market, as the Replay XD 1080 HD Mini weighs only 2.1 ounces and is smaller than most LED flashlights at 0.9 inches by 3.3 inches (24mm x 85mm). Combining the best features of the XD 1080 HD and XD 720, the […]

PRODUCT TEST: Quad Boss Fire Extinguisher Holder

WHAT IT IS: A fire extinguisher is one of the most important items you can and should carry in your UTV, and most UTV racingorganizations mandate an extinguisher be fitted to the roll cage for easy access by safety crews and vehicle occupants. Billet-aluminum fire extinguisher holders are expensive, so Quadboss has come up with […]

PRODUCT TEST: YFZ450R Exhaust Two Brothers M-7

WHAT IT IS: Two Brothers has been a leader in street and motocross motorcycle racing exhausts for many years, and their ATV and UTV systems share their innovative technology. The M-7 V.A.L.E. stainless steel full race exhaust features a stainless steel head pipe and mid-pipe joined to an aluminumbodied muffler. The rebuildable muffler has a […]

Featherweight Lithium Battery by WPS

WHAT IT IS: Featherweight batteries are lightweight replacement batteries that use lithium-ion technology to replace heavy, conventional, lead-acid powersports batteries. They’re 50–70 percent lighter than stock and said to easily provide 6 to 12 times more life cycles than standard batteries. Featherweight batteries can be found either in stock or in the WPS catalog at […]

ISAW Extreme Action Cam: Product Evaluation

WHAT IT IS: The Isaw is a new full-HD action video and still camera with 60-fps (frames per second), slow-motion and 4x-zoom features, and it comes with a built-in LCD screen and WiFi for connecting to your mobile device. The Isaw also has wide-, medium- and narrow-angle field of view (FOV) and a sharper and […]

PRODUCT TEST: Hess Motorsports 2:1 Steering Quickener

WHAT IT IS: The Hess Motorsports steering quickener is a race-developed, 2:1, gear-reduction box that mounts in between the steering wheel and the power-steering system on any EPSequipped RZR. The stock XP 900/XP 1000 steering setup is geared exactly the same, whether the machine is equipped with power steering or not. The factory steering ratio […]

PRODUCT TEST: Maxxis VIPR Tire and Vision Lock Out Wheels

WHAT IT IS: Maxxis’ new Vipr tires are engineered for today’s faster, heavier UTVs, with a tread design and compound intended for mixed to soft terrain, and low vibration and long wear even in hard, rocky desert conditions. The Vipr is a six-ply radial for resistance to flats with a comfortable ride. Suggested retail on […]

PRODUCT TEST: ZOX Rush Star Helmet

WHAT IT IS: Zox’s Rush Star helmet got our attention because it costs $100, but its styling and finish are much better than we expect at that price. Safety should always be a priority when choosing a helmet, and Rush Star has that covered with DOT and ECE approval. As we expected, the shell is […]

PRODUCT TEST: Drift Ghost-S HD Video Camera

WHAT IT IS: The Ghost-S HD is Drift Innovation’s best video camera yet, and it has 1080p video at 60 fps (frames per second) for the sharpest image quality, 3.5-hour battery life, and a lens that rotates up to 300 degrees to accommodate any mounting position. With a 12MP CMOS Sony Sensor, the Ghost-S has […]


Here’s the air pump and release shown in the MX456 Launch Blue. The bladder expands when pumped to press the cheek pads and technical fabric liner against your face and head for a tight fit. WHAT IT IS: LS2’s MX456 Flag is the first helmet we’ve tested to incorporate an air pump and bladder system for a […]


ITP’s 30-inch Ultracross R-Spec tires on 14-inch ITP SD Dual Beadlocks are a rugged, race-ready combination for brutally hard terrain and rock crawling. WHAT IT IS: ITP’s Ultracross R-Spec tire is an eight-ply-rated radial designed for high-performance UTVs used in punishingly hard terrain. The R-Spec is an evolution of the original six-ply Ultracross, with a more open […]


Oakley offers exceptional vision, comfort and innovation with the Airbrake MX goggle, which has cams and locking levers on each side to capture the lens and attach it to the front of the frame. WHAT IT IS: The Oakley Airbrake MX goggle is the culmination of 35 years of goggle evolution. The coolest features are the Plutonite […]


WHAT IT IS: FMF’s Powercore 4 slip-on for the Polaris RZR XP 900 is a compact, lightweight dual exhaust that replaces the bulky, single-outlet, stock muffler. It’s made of durable, stylish stainless steel and incorporates re-packable mufflers so it’s easy to maintain the system’s performance, sound quality and sound level. The FMF exhaust also accepts FMF’s low-restriction […]


WHAT IT IS: JT Racing USA has a rich history in two-wheeled motocross but is now best known for paintball gear. In the ’80s, JT Racing blew minds with the ALS-1 and subsequent ALS-2 helmets that had a unique shape, swooping style and classic paint jobs. Champions like David Bailey, Ron Lechein, Broc Glover and Jean-Michele Bayle made […]


WHAT IT IS: The Rath Racing Polaris RZR XP 900 swaybar is a high-quality, race-proven upgrade to the steel swaybar found stock on the RZR XP 900. Daryl Rath has been racing and developing RZR parts for as long as the RZR has been around. With close contacts at Polaris and being based out of Minnesota, […]

PRODUCT TEST: STI Roctane XD Tires and HD Beadlock Wheels

WHAT IT IS: The new Roctane XD tire from STI is an eight-ply radial aimed at aggressive UTV racers and recreational riders. The highly wear-resistant rubber compound and tread design were developed for durability in harsh, rocky terrain. RocWall sidewall reinforcement and an extra-thick rim guard protect the tire and wheel from damage. Eight-ply, hard-terrain radials […]