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Timken, the makers of high-quality bearings and gears, now offers a premium-quality line of CVT belts with one-, two- and three-year warranties. Yes, you heard that right; the Ultimax XP is the new CVT belt with a three-year warranty.

A good gauge to see how well any CVT belt is holding up is to look in-between the cogs. If there is stray cords on the side of the belt or cracking between the cogs, that is a sign that the belt is wearing out.


The XP belt is constructed with fiber-loaded advanced polymer compounds designed for specific applications and made with strong and stable Aramid cord for superior resistance to shock loads. So, if you are a driver with a heavy foot, keep reading.


The XP belt installed just as stock and worked well on the trail. We have driven hundreds of miles with no issues so far. One way you can tell how any belt is holding up is to look between the cogs and at the sides. If you can start to see  of the woven material, it’s time to think about changing the belt. The more fraying, the worse off the belt is. After 400 hard miles, the XP belt still looks intact.

Before the install, we did the normal washing of the belt with soap and warm water. We rinsed it, hung it to dry, and cleaned the sheaves with a green Scotch Brite pad and denatured alcohol. These steps all help prolong belt life although Timken claims its belt do not require cleaning.

There are small stipulations for the new CVT belt with the three-year warranty, but they are not out of line by any means. According to Timken, this warranty does not cover any belt that was (1) improperly installed; (2) installed on the wrong machine; (3) used on a machine in which the drive system was modified or not in good repair; (4) intentionally cut or damaged; or (5) used for racing. This warranty covers the purchaser of the belt and anyone else who owns the belt during the warranty period.


We have had several three-year belts on different machines and have yet to break one, so we haven’t even been able to put the warranty process to the test. As for the belt, it works well and is priced right ($120 for the RZR XP-T), so it’s a winner in our book. You can find Timken Belts at any Tucker, Parts Unlimited, MTA, Kimpex or Motovan dealer.

CONTACT: (866) 773-2926, www.ultimaxbelts.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $89–$123



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