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Trail Tech’s all-new Voyager Pro GPS is a leap, not only for your riding experience but in safety as well. The Voyager Pro has the usual great GPS and vehicle instrument functions Trail Tech products are known for, along with a major upgrade. Now, using long-range FM radio frequencies, the unit will track and display up to 20 riding partners on your screen. There is absolutely no cell service required. The range between each rider is over a mile, and the system tethers all the riders together and displays them so your group can actually be spread out over a 20-mile trail. Glance at the screen and you will know where everyone is and if they are still moving. If there is a problem, like a blown belt or a crash, any rider can push their emergency beacon and notify the closest people in the group that there is a problem so they can stop to assist.

You can customize the Voyager Pro to display certain readouts that your machine may not have, such as time, CVT-belt temps and ambient air temperature.


We have received our new Voyager Pro, and as in previous tests on multiple machines, the GPS mapping is spot-on. You can import or export the GPX files easily to share or edit. The Pro has an even bigger screen than the Voyager, so you should be able to view it easily in the cab of your UTV. Furthermore, the screen is capable of displaying functions that your machine may not have, like rpm, water or CVT-belt temperature.

In an emergency, you can push the distress button to notify the riders close to you that there is a problem. Your buddies can then track it right back to you.


If you don’t have a Polaris with Ride Command, or if you ride off the grid away from cell service, this is the only way you can track your group without spending a lot more money. It would be tough to find even a standard GPS that is more user- and, better yet, powersports-friendly. We love that Trail Tech keeps improving its products as machines evolve, and we’re looking forward to continued use of our Trail Tech Voyager Pro.

The Voyager Pro can be dash-mounted, or you can use a RAM Mount or similar system. Wiring is super simple.

CONTACT: or (844) 378-8143   

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $599.99

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