— Testing a $30 jack and its mounting system —

WHAT IT IS: A stamped-steel scissor jack similar to what you would find in the trunk of a compact car.

FEATURES: On top, there is a soft rubber pad that lifts the suspension arm of any UTV. Down low, a large pad keeps the jack stable and prevents it from sinking in the sand or mud. A manual crank handle operates the jack, but you can slip a 1-inch socket over the jack and use a cordless impact if you wish to do things quicker.

Simply find a suspension part that is as parallel to the ground as possible, slide the jack under, give it a few cranks and the car is in the air. Don’t forget to loosen the lug nuts before you lift the car off the ground.


Anyone who has ever ridden back to the truck on a flat tire or anyone who likes preparing for the worse yet hoping for the best. With the right-sized tubing clamp, it can be mounted on any UTV. Heck, it’s so small, you can even toss it under a seat or carry it in a storage box.


To use the jack, it’s this simple: slide the jack under an A-arm or trailing arm and crank the supplied handle to get a corner of the UTV off the ground. Remember to loosen your lug nuts before the tire gets off the ground.

We mounted the Tusk scissor jack right behind the headrest of an old Rhino. If you want the mount, you can order bar clamps to fit any sized tubing by visiting www.rockymountainatv.com.


If you haven’t already borrowed the scissor jack out of your sister’s Honda Civic, get one from Tusk. Or, if it’s too late, buy the Tusk model and return the one you borrowed. This is a no-brainer, because flats happen to all UTVs, and being prepared to change one is easy.

CONTACT: www.rockymountainatv.com

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $29.99; $54.99 w/ mount





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